Best Free Movie Apps for iPhone

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With the increasing size of mobile devices, particularly that of phones, entertainment content is made significantly better to consume. From the initial iPhone for example, the screen resolution and size has increased substantially, making the experience of watching videos highly enjoyable. This is evident in the video content that is consumed on mobile devices continuing to rival traditional video sources such as the TV or desktop computers. As larger phone screens continue to be developed (such as phablets, a hybrid of a phone and tablet), more apps optimized for video content will be developed. With that, this article discusses the best apps designed for those who particularly enjoy movies from viewing them right on the device or browsing the newest selection.

[sc name=”numlist” number=”1″ title=”PlayerXtreme Media Player”]


An issue that is often associated with watching movies on an Apple device is that it must be a specific media file in order to be compatible. For example, .avi is one of the most popular file types that will work for watching videos on the iPhone but other media files are simply not compatible unless they are converted using third-party software. This process can take a long time to include getting the software, converting the video, and then syncing it to the device. Instead of going through this entire process, PlayerXtreme Media Player enables users to sync movie content to their device in such a way that it is compatible with nearly all files, completely eliminating the conversion that would have been required. What makes the player so convenient is that it is able to steam movies that are not on the device from a desktop computer directly from the app. In enabling this feature, users can access their entire video library without having to sync any content and watch it on demand given that they are connected to the internet. This ease of use makes PlayerXtreme Media Player one of the best apps available for watching movies.

[sc name=”numlist” number=”2″ title=”Google Play Movies & TV”]


For those who have iOS and Android devices, syncing content to both platforms to access it from any devices is a hassle and time consuming. With Google Play Movies & TV, users can access video content that is stored on the Google Play account to watch on the iOS device. Beyond simply syncing content, the app also enables streaming of movies and TV shows which can be saved or bookmarked to be viewed at a later time. What is even more impressive about this particular app is that if a user chooses to download the content as opposed to streaming the video, it will be stored on the device which can be accessed at any time even if there is no internet connection available. Continuing the notion of a shared experience with the ability to share content from different operating systems, Google Play Movies & TV also enables for up to 5 people to access an account so that more people can download and watch content from their respective device.

[sc name=”numlist” number=”3″ title=”JustWatch”]


The interface of JustWatch is designed in such a way that it facilitates quick viewing of unlimited movies, including those that have just recently been released for free. With a constantly growing number of available titles on the app for streaming, JustWatch makes watching movies on mobile devices as simple as if they were on a desktop computer. As mobile devices are not commonly associated with watching larger movies, the app is one which eliminates this notion. With HD video quality, JustWatch offers 720p streaming quality for all categories although there is more content in the youth and teen sections. HD streaming is a significant differentiator of the app from its competitors as other services typically streaming that is lower quality than 720p.

[sc name=”numlist” number=”4″ title=”Tubi TV”]


For those looking to stream nearly any type of video content from movies, news, to music videos, Tubi TV lets users choose hundreds of channels for live streaming that far surpasses the options available on a standard television plan. With so many available channels, finding the right content to watch can be difficult and therefore the app uses a dynamic system in order to personalize the content being viewed so that it is able to suggest more videos depending on the viewing history of the user. Beyond just streaming content right to the device, the app also enables the broadcasting of the content to smart TVs or consoles entirely wirelessly in order to enhance the viewing experience. If a user chooses to stream content to their television, the phone turns into a remote so that touchscreen gestures can be utilized to control various functions including volume and playback to offer maximum convenience.

[sc name=”numlist” number=”5″ title=”iTunes Movie Trailers”]


Created by Apple, iTunes Movie Trailers does not stream or play extensive movies, but instead makes it easier to find the newest and best movies available. Offering a wide range of features, functions, and add-ons such as the ability to browse the latest movie and top picks, users are able to find upcoming shows in theater. Furthermore, new trailers and photos are updated onto the app as the releases are made so that users get the latest glimpses of new movie releases even before they are available on YouTube. Furthermore, reviews of movies are also provided by the widely known Rotten Tomatoes ratings. Instead of simply having the information displayed in the app, iTunes Movie Trailers even locates nearby theaters by name or distance so that users can simply go from viewing the trailer and reviews straight to the theater in a single app.

With the growing demand for better video apps as a result of the increase in screen size and quality on Apple devices, an ever-growing list of movie apps are made available. This list offers the best apps on the App Store for watching video content while on the go. From watching movies in any category to downloading movies to watch later and even broadcasting the content to another device, these apps are able to provide nearly any functionality that is important for the best viewing experience.

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