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This week in honor of Earth Day I checked out and reviewed a number of green apps. Sadly a number of these were not good, some were even major failures. But a few very good ones were absolutely super and here's the list of ones that go the extra mile. Please let everyone know what you'd add to this list. Let's get green every day, not just earth day!
Project Noah

This is easily my favorite green app. While it won’t help you recycle or find you local food it will help you learn more about your environment, help researchers, and even keep you social while doing it. This is quite possibly one of the better executed green apps I’ve seen. So go out there and learn about what’s around you! That knowledge alone will make you want to keep the earth green!



You want green news and there are a number of apps that will bring it to you but none quite as well as this app. You can search by the topics important to you and from the looks of it you’ll get most all of the important green news being reported. Don’t miss the important information, get this app!


Piqqo Projects

Everyone is talking about carbon and carbon neutral projects but you want to know more and have fun learning. This app is for you. Not only can you check out some of the products you might buy but you can learn about projects from all around the world. A good learning app to get started on your lower carbon journey.


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