College Dorm Party – Plan With These Apps

college dorm party drinks

With summer in full swing and temperatures rising it is the perfect time to plan the ultimate summer party and luckily party planning just got a whole lot easier thanks to your mobile devices.

Why You Should Travel with Your Kids More Often

Once you have children, it's hard to find time to relax away from home. Nonetheless, there are many benefits when you travel with your kids.

Taking vacations without kids is a dream come true for many parents. Once you have children, it’s increasingly difficult to find time to relax when you need it most. For many parents, getting a babysitter and spending a week far away from home is the goal. Nonetheless, there are many benefits when you travel with […]

Detective App on the Case

Become a detective, explore haunted houses, uncover the truth behind murders and work to solve mysteries in some of 2019’s biggest and best mystery games.

Video Edit like A Pro on the Go

You don’t need hundreds of dollars’ worth of video editing software and a super powerful computer to become a video editing pro

Put Your Apps to the Quiz

Whether you’re looking for a quiz game that you can play with friends or just a fun way to test your own knowledge and challenge yourself there are a number of super fun and challenging apps available to push to your knowledge and find out exactly how smart you are.

Creatively App Your Videos

Shooting videos on your phone is about more than filming clips of your everyday life and then forgetting about them until you need a little extra space on your phone.

App Your Way through Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner we’re all looking forward to the festive fun, parties and time with loved ones but it can also be one of the most stressful times of year with cards to write and send, presents to buy, trees to decorate and a turkey to cook.

Must Have Apps for Movie Buffs

Movies have captivated us for almost a century. To make the experience even more enjoyable, we have access to untold numbers of apps to make the movie-going experience even better.

Apps to Help You Meet People

Online dating apps have grown in popularity over the last few years, almost everyone who is single has a tinder account but there is no reason that apps can’t also be used to make new friends and meet new people with similar interests. There is a whole world of hidden apps designed for just this, making new friends and expanding your social circle.

Event Planning Made Easy with These Apps!

Planning an event of any size can be a stressful ordeal. Whether the stresses of planning are associated with budgeting or getting creative ideas for the event, there is a significant amount of planning and coordinating that must be done to ensure that it is successful. As a result, many apps that revolve around making the planning process easier has been created to help both amateur planners to professional planners organize their event. Given that so many apps are available, this article discusses the best ones that should be used for those who need to plan an upcoming event.

These apps let you plan ahead for a perfect Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, love is in the air and on the mobile phone. With so much to do for those who wish to take advantage of the romance in terms of planning a date and good evening, mobile apps have emerged as the perfect resource to do so.  As a romantic holiday that could be derailed by lack of planning and preparation, this article discusses the best ones that should be used this Valentine’s Day.