Best iPhone Apps to Add Your Watermark on Photos

photo editing

Modern technology has made it truly simple to share photographs today. Through the variety of social media channels, photo-sharing websites, or email we can easily share with friends, followers, and the entire world some of our best shots. But before displaying our original pictures in public, we should consider important steps like adding your watermark […]

Tech Gifts on a Slim Budget

Tech gifts are rarely cheap...but it's what everyone wants! What we need is less expensive gifts for all the wonderful people in our lives.

Tech gifts are rarely cheap…but it’s what everyone wants! What we need is less expensive gifts for all the wonderful people in our lives. Here are a few options for tech gifts for your children, or anyone else for that matter. (The best part is that they don’t break the bank!) Chromecast ($30), A Great […]

Top Photo Editing Apps for Mobile Devices

You can never have too many apps to help with photo editing. You’re always going to have more photos to take and edit – how else are you going to the best looking, Insa-worthy photos? Here are another 8 apps to make your photos as great as they can be.

Automating HDR Optimization with HDR Exposures Calculator

One of the biggest barriers to picking up photography beyond the basic functions is the steep learning curve that is involved with the technical knowledge. As a result, many people who wish to take up photography are intimidated by the immense amount of knowledge that must be learned before becoming proficient.

Top Apps for Photograph Management

While we have explored the notion of apps for photographers in the past, an aspect of photography that is often overlooked is the management of photos as they are often forgotten after the shot has been taken. As photographs hold a high degree of sentimental value, they can easily accumulate both in terms of physical photographs and digital ones that are rarely looked at. Given the increase in photo popularity as a result of mobile cameras, this article discusses the best apps that can be used to manage photographs in the both physical and digital space.

Top Photo Editing Apps for Mobile Devices

Having photos liked is a necessity in the current age of digital social identities. With countless hours spent towards tweaking and optimizing photos before sharing, the photo-editing apps that are available on the market make it easier than ever to enhance, crop, remove blemishes, add effects, and apply filters for stunning photos. As the quantity of photos increases in the digital space, photo-editing apps have become immensely popular with the young and old alike for post-processing of images. In this list article, we explore the top overall photo-editing apps for iOS by analyzing different metrics including interface, navigation, photo-editing tools, and sharing options for editing photos while on-the-go.

Quirky and fabulous apps for amateur photographers

Are you always jealous of your sister’s crazy cool iPhone photos? Or does your Uncle Ted have the best remakes of vintage family photos? Well stop obsessing, it’s not healthy. We have some fabulous photography iPhone apps that will keep you busy spicing up your family photos for hours. And, these distinctive apps are sure to make all your family and friends jealous of your pictorial skills.

Keep Your Data Safe with Keepsafe Calculator Vault

Security for devices has never been as important as it is now. The more data we keep on our phones and tablets the more crucial it is that we keep everything safely locked away. While we may be able to prevent others from breaking into our phones with the help of passcodes, though, there are little to no restrictions if access has already been granted.

What’s on my iPhone? Apps that make photoblogger’s life easier

Not that long ago many people actually claimed they would never ever buy an iPhone for themselves. A few years forward, and here they are – not only smartphone owners now, they constantly use their devices for both work and hobbies. It has become such a useful tool that they would never give up on it. Well, things change as we age, say some people.