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Modern technology has made it truly simple to share photographs today. Through the variety of social media channels, photo-sharing websites, or email we can easily share with friends, followers, and the entire world some of our best shots. But before displaying our original pictures in public, we should consider important steps like adding your watermark on photos for another’s use.

Why Add a Watermark

Placing a watermark on your images can help you in two main ways.

First of all, this technique can be used to protect your original content from theft. By inserting a copyright text or a logo into your pictures you let everybody know that they represent your intellectual property. Whoever decides to use your material without your prior consent will be therefore committing copyright infringement. After all, nobody should get the credit for your creative work. 

At the same time, a watermark can be useful from a totally different angle. Just imagine the following scenario: you take and upload a photo that suddenly goes viral and enjoys lots of shares. In that case, having your name, your website or company logo on that photo can really help you improve your online visibility, drive some important traffic back to your website, or blog and possibly acquire new clients. 

Now, that we’ve established why you should take into account watermarking your photos, let’s see what iPhone apps can help you accomplish your task. 


PhotoMarks is designed to be easy to use and powerful at the same time. The app comes with an intuitive interface and offers the possibility to watermark multiple photos at once. You can add images directly from the Photos app, work with multiple layers and undo & redo your actions at any moment.

PhotoMarks allows you to add a copyright or trademark text and a logo and fully customize each one to match your preferences. In that sense, you can freely adjust the position, size, and rotation angle, set the opacity, choose from numerous fonts and colors or apply special effects like stroke and shadow. 

A truly useful feature is the fact that you can save your watermarks as profiles and easily use them in future editing projects. Once you’re finished editing, you can save the photos on your iPhone, send them via email or directly share them on social networks.

eZy Watermark Photos

eZy Watermark Photos is a user-friendly solution for watermarking images individually or in bulk. The app gives you the opportunity to use various elements as watermarks. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a classic text, a brand logo, a QR code, as well as add a hand-written signature. 

No matter what you select, you can customize your watermark in terms of placement, alignment, rotation, transparency level, and more. To make your life easier, you can create your own templates and load them later. The app allows you to import your existing logo from multiple sources and export the watermarked photos to your library or social media.   

Besides watermarking, eZy Watermark offers other useful editing options, such as rotating, cropping, or applying a black & white filter to your photos.


iWatermark is designed to provide multiple watermarking options. According to your necessities, you can import your own watermark. Or you can select one from the numerous presets and then customize it. At the same time, you’re free to design a brand new watermark from scratch, using various graphics, fonts, and colors.

iWatermark lets you insert a text, logo, tag data, signature, or QR code into your images and make diverse adjustments. You can move the watermark’s location, change its scale and rotation or reduce its opacity. Just like the previously mentioned apps, this one too allows you to watermark one or multiple photos simultaneously. You can save your pics to Camera Roll or upload them to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


EasyMark is another alternative to take into consideration if you want to protect or advertise your photography. The app provides support for various types of visual content, which means you can watermark not only images but also videos and gifs. 

EasyMark gives you the possibility to load an existing watermark or create one. For that purpose, the app places at your disposal ready-to-use icons and clip arts, a multitude of stickers, fonts, and colors. You can completely customize the appearance of your chosen watermark and save your designs for later use. When you’re done, the app lets you export your pictures without reducing quality or resolution.

Add Watermark to Photos

Add Watermark to Photos does exactly what it claims. This is a simple, yet efficient solution to deter thieves from stealing your pictures online. The app allows you to import your own watermark. Or, you can resort to its built-in logo creator in case you wish to design something new. 

In order to protect your images, you can use a standard text, a logo, or perhaps your signature. The app offers certain customization options, such as adjusting the placement of the watermark, its size, or opacity. You can save the chosen mark and easily share your creations on social media. 

A nice touch added by the developer is the photo filters available. If you want to give your images a certain look, you can opt for diverse filters such as black and white, sepia, or vignette. 


No matter if you’re a professional or amateur photographer, blogger, photojournalist, or real estate agent, you should consider watermarking your images before uploading them online. Try to add a subtle, tasteful copyright text, or a logo in the bottom-right corner. This way, it does not draw attention away from the image itself. This way you’ll maintain the focus on the photograph and find a way to protect or advertise your work. 

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