The Best Apps All Job Seekers Must Have on Their iPhone

Whether you’re a career starter fresh out of university, stuck in temporary unemployment due to unfortunate circumstances outside of your control, have just changed your career path to something completely different, or about to leave your current workplace for greener pastures and better opportunities, these apps will come in handy on your job-seeking journey.

Heymarket: Business Text Messaging – A more personal CRM experience

For businesses, interacting with customers one-on-one can be a tricky proposition. In this regard, social media and e-mails are low-efficiency options, whereas text messaging provides an immediate, hands-on solution for one-on-one communication, and makes for a more personal and more engaging experience, which is at the heart of the expectations of today’s millennial customers. For quite some time, the app selection lacked a multifaceted CRM tool optimized for text messaging – but those times are gone, thanks to Heymarket: Business Text Messaging.

5 Apps that turn your iPad into the Ultimate Sales Tool

You’re in sales – a modern road warrior. You’ve got an iPad – awesome. Now it’s time to make your life easier and boost your sales: Turn your iPad into the ultimate sales tool!

These are the 5 must-have apps to make your daily sales activities easy, time-saving and profitable. I have been using all of them for months, some for years now, and I can tell that I couldn’t live without them.

CMO: Top 10 Apps for a Chief Marketing Officer

This list focuses on the top ten apps that a chief marketing officer will appreciate. These are the must-have iPad apps based on your corporate role and responsibilities.

I founded iPadCTO as a fast-paced news portal that provides technology advisories for C-level executives who use the Apple iPad or are contemplating integrating the iPad into their work and organization.

Yellow Pages app offers easy navigation and cool graphics

For a great way to find your way in a new city or to look up the number to your favorite local restaurant, the Yellow Pages app for the iPhone is well worth downloading. The free app includes an interactive map with driving, walking and public transportation directions.

Yelp’s useful to find bars and restaurants even if users are not

You can use Yelp as a general business search engine or as a recommendation engine for food (and more) no matter your location. Either way, you’ll get access to Yelp’s wealth of information with pictures and reviews. Just like, you’ll get a lot of user-generated reviews. If you fall in the camp that swears by these reviews, then you’re set.


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