The Innovative Technology Behind American ‘Kamikaze Drones’

Kamikaze drones can fly expeditiously without being tracked by the naked eye. These drones are programmed to strike the desired target.

The creation of a small drone furnished with a warhead and a video camera adjustable in a rucksack was inevitable. It was supposed to be a Kamikaze-style drone, able to fly and hunt the target it was considered to fire. So, how did Kamikaze drones come into existence? Let’s find out. The Rise of Kamikaze […]

Colony Battle for iOS and Android: Hive Mentality

Colony Battle Is Available for iOS and Android Phones

Colony Battle is a new mobile real-time strategy game for iOS and Android. The game is made up of increasingly difficult levels with the goal of conquering enemy colonies. Bigger colonies grow ants faster, so strategic decisions need to be made in order to be successful. There are three major game modes in Colony Battle. […]

The 10 Greatest Mobile Games of 2018 (That You Absolutely Need for 2019!)

It’s that time again – let’s ring in the new year with the best of 2018! These apps were handpicked by our staff as the best of the best; the pinnacle of their genre that stuck with us long after playing. Whether playing on Android or iOS, you need these installed on your phone and tablet. Without further adieu…