Spanish Quest App: Practice Your Spanish

Spanish Quest App main

The Spanish Quest app is a trivia-based game that helps you practice your Spanish while learning some typical Spanish recipes. It’s available for Android and iOS devices. How does the Spanish Quest app work? You begin by clicking on the dice on the top left corner, which will show you the squares you’re allowed to […]

Trivia Your Way to the Top

Looking to test your knowledge, show your friends just how smart you are or even compete with people from around the world? If so, you need an app that allows you to battle it out with people across the world.

Expanding News Knowledge with Newsmeister

For several different reasons, the process of reading news has been experiencing a general decline which is evidently witnessed through the falling news readership of both online and physical news content. This can be widely attributed to the lack of engagement that is associated with reading where content is simply consumed and forgotten very quickly.

iPhone game review: PopcornTrivia

Do you consider yourself to be a trivia master? Do you love keeping up with all of the latest trivia games and challenging yourself and your friends to a rousing game of wits? No matter what your level of expertise is, you’ll love to give Popcorn Trivia a try. This is one of the newest games developed by a renowned company, designed to provide individuals with an exciting way to keep up with all of their favorite trivia facts.

Setting Up Musical Quizzes with SongBand

Trivia games have now become one of the most popular means of passing time in an educational and entertaining setting. Deviating from traditional games on the App Store that requires less critical thinking such as action or puzzle games, this category enables individuals to apply the knowledge that they have acquired in a way that is engaging and entertaining. This notion of providing entertainment in a process that facilitates learning is reflected in the release of many trivial games which often features interesting questions and brain teasers, allowing players from a wide demographic to test their knowledge on a range of topics from movies, music, pictures, sports, and much more. SongBand, a quickly growing trivia game, is one such app that is perfect for individuals who are interested in showcasing their trivial skills while exercising their brain in a game-style environment.

The Best Trivia Games All Quiz Addicts Must Have on their iPhone

It’s trivia time! The trivia genre serves as exceptionally fertile soil for games providing both an endless source of fun and a rich source of knowledge. Trivia games are the perfect media for socializing, and of course some of its iterations suit those preferring more alone time. Perhaps the best thing about trivia games is that you get a sense of fulfillment even if you lose or do not know all the answers, because by finding out the right solutions, you significantly expand your knowledge. Trivia games cover a wide range of topics, ensuring a varied selection in which anyone can find the themes that interest them the most. Accordingly, there is an abundance of trivia games for iPhone and iOS devices, so we did our best to sift through this immense collection and only include the very best in our compilation of the most outstanding trivia apps.