Enhance Productivity – 7 Apps That Help

Enhance Productivity

 Productivity. It’s the one thing that everyone is looking for. At the same time, it’s the one thing everyone is having difficulty with.

It doesn’t help that we live in a hustle generation, with too many things to accomplish in too little time. Our lives have been altered by technological advancements. The more technology we surround ourselves with, the more we become engulfed in a never-ending to-do list.

Some apps are time wasters and cause stress. However, there are several designed to help you stop wasting time and enhance productivity. Use these seven apps to increase your productivity and manage your time.


1. Enhance Productivity With RescueTime

RescueTime tracks the amount of time you spend on apps, websites, and specific documents, without using timers or manual entry. The app provides detailed information on how you spend your time. In addition, it helps you figure out what is preventing you from becoming more productive.

The app also includes distraction-blocking software to help you avoid wasting time on unproductive activities.


2. Remember The Milk – Sharing Lists for Enhanced Productivity

Remember The Milk is a listing tool that allows you to share tasks and lists with your team or family members. This app assists you and reminds you of your responsibilities. It is also compatible with a variety of devices including your phone, Gmail, Outlook, your computer, and others.

In addition, you can sync all of your devices for better time management.


3. Focus Keeper – The App for Lowering Stress

People who delay and feel overwhelmed by their tasks will benefit from this app. It is based on the Pomodoro Technique, a strategy of working in 25-minute intervals while focused solely on one task.

After each session, you take a 5-minute pause and resume the process. You can take longer rests once you’ve completed four sessions.

The software offers an efficient user experience that can be customized to meet specific requirements. It is designed to enhance productivity and improve your focus. At the same time, it helps reduce tension caused by tight deadlines and time constraints.


4. Enhance Productivity With Dropbox

Dropbox is a free cloud storage service for sharing and storing information including documents, images, and videos. While there are numerous file-sharing programs, Dropbox stands out because it’s both free and easy to use.

With the Dropbox app, you can easily access and share essential files no matter where you are. This isn’t a project management program, however, it will assist you in managing your workflow, particularly if you work from home.


5. Toggl – The Time Keeper App

Toggl is a time-keeping tool used to replace paper timesheets. It’s best for monitoring specific tasks. It allows you to track each job, giving you a clear picture of how your time is spent each day.

This is especially useful if you are juggling multiple projects. In addition, this program incorporates excellent time-saving capabilities into its user-friendly interface. This allows you to spot inefficiencies and make changes to improve productivity.


6. MyLifeOrganized – The App for Productivity Focused Work

MyLifeOrganized is one of the best apps for focused work. This task management software helps you determine what things you should concentrate on to achieve your goals.

MyLifeOrganized assists you in planning and organizing your time, helping you achieve your most essential goals as quickly as possible. The app creates simple to-do lists for you and sets priority items for your immediate attention. As a result, you can keep track of your progress and stay focused on what matters most to you.


7. [email protected] – The App To Increase Attention Span and Productivity

This incredible software blends neuroscience and instrumental music to help you get more done. Its carefully crafted playlist has been scientifically proven to increase your attention span and productivity by 400%. This makes it one of the most effective time management apps available.

[email protected] is great for anyone who has trouble concentrating while learning, working, or reading.


Bonus App – Kiwake Alarm Clock

Kiwake is a unique alarm clock app in that it eliminates the desire to snooze. To dismiss the alarm, users must physically get out of bed and play a mental game.

The game is divided into three sections: Brain, Body, and Motivation. It gets you moving mentally, emotionally, and physically. The app helps you get up and active earlier, so you have more time to get things done.


There are plenty of other apps available to help enhance productivity, however, this list should get you started. Don’t get too caught up in finding the right app. Rather, choose one that fits your lifestyle and your needs, and start putting it to good use.

Regardless of which app you use, it’s up to you to decide the level of productivity you achieve. Ultimately, discipline, self-direction, and determination will help you the most in overcoming procrastination and maximizing your potential.


Image Credit: Thirdman; Pexels; Thank you!

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