Fad of the Lightning Bolt Haircut and How to Get it

lightning bolt haircut

Are you searching new razor-cut design to make your buzzed hair look better? A haircut can be a way for you to express your personality and a lightning bolt haircut can serve you the purpose. This is the reason why most men choose this haircut to give a fun and bold look. Anyone can easily sport this cool haircut. To get an intricate lightning bolt haircut, a barber will shave one side of the hair of your head. Further, the size of this crisp haircut depends on your choice. This haircut suits all age groups, so have fun if you still have your hair.

This is a suitable haircut for all types of hair whether it is long, short, braided, or colored hair. You will be surprised to know that even some dope girls are giving this haircut a try. You better hurry and try your hand at any one of these cool ideas before your friends find this catalog.

1. Flash Lightning Bolt Haircut

This haircut will make you attractive and the center of attention for people anywhere you go. This haircut has a flash which symbolizes a superhero who can save people at a high pace. This superhero’s uniform has the lightning bolt design that many fans cherish the most. So, most of them want this haircut.

But what is the meaning of a lightning bolt? It depicts that you are highly in favor of flash super-hero and you want to adopt the characteristics of a hero showing in his life. Plus, this haircut includes the circle having a bolt inside. Many kids like this hairstyle and hence, you can select it for improving your kid’s personality.

2. Lightning Bolt Mohawk

The lightning bolt haircut in combination with the Mohawk can enhance your overall look. It is also suitable for kids. A hairspray can provide a better hold of hair for one day. To get this haircut done, you will need to shave your hair from the sides with the middle Mohawk. Sometimes, the barber can set the Mohawk at medium length. Furthermore, the barber will make a sharp and visible lightning bolt in the shaved part of your hair. That is why I will rank it as the best haircut.

3. Lightning Bolt Shaved Design

Plus point of this lightning bolt shaved design is that your natural hair will not damage or crease. You can enjoy lightning bolts in this splendid haircut. So, the creation of a lightning bolt in your hair requires a shaver. Not only this, it will enhance your confidence and improve your style. I will recommend you give it a try.

4. Lightning Hair Tattoo

Nowadays, this haircut has become increasingly as many fans are interested in shaving their head into versatile patterns. This is how they express themselves. Further, the lightening hair tattoo having different designs of lightning is the hot trend. It belongs to undercut hairstyles and is considered the best. You can also enter this fashion by just selecting lightning bolt.

5. Harry Potter Lightning Bolt

This haircut is best for a Potter’s head. Harry Potter has various popular lightning designs and you can choose among them to have on your head. This lightning bolt haircut will turn many heads in public. Moreover, you ask your barber to make a zig-zag same as the patented Harry Potter bolt. The side of your hair or undercut will be the suitable place to have it done.

6. Small Bolt Haircut

This lightning bolt haircut is the perfect cut for kids who like it. This haircut looks minimal yet eye-catching. This is the favorite haircut of children and so it is very famous. Usually, this haircut requires the shaving of both sides of the head with the middle of the head with many hair-like spikes.

7. Fade Haircut

You can select this creative haircut which is similar to a flash of faded lightning. This haircut is available in various haircut styles and can be used in combination with any one of those.

8. Undercut

You can have the hair tattoo as the undercut instead of shaving your hair from the sides in a lightning bolt. This amazing hairstyle can add a great statement to your personality. Kids also look perfect in this hairstyle. Plus, you can choose any lightning bolt designs available making it pop out. Aren’t you excited to try it?

9. Hard-part Bolt Haircut

Many men like to shave their hair with this famous haircut. Apart from this, it will be perfect for getting a reward in both worlds. And the barber will part your hair on the sides having a perfectly designed lightning bolt hair tattoo.

A lightning bolt haircut has visuals identical to an average lightning strike. This hairstyle has an easygoing procedure. Moreover, this haircut can modify your plainest hair to a spectacular look. We recommend you style this lightning bolt hair treatment and give yourself a bold statement.

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