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There are so many ways to make montages now: collections of our own videos and photos merged into one to create an often-short but sweet glimpse into our lives. Whether it be family photos, videos taken on holiday, or any memory you want to cherish, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram give us the opportunity to be creative and share those moments. Filmr isn’t another social media app, but instead focuses solely on allowing its users to create video content, and in doing is provides much more freedom of choice and in creativity.

Initially, Filmr takes videos and photos from your camera roll or allows you to capture them on your device at that moment. Either way, you can add as many videos and photos as you wish to be in your montage, and also have the option to include more after. All will be listed neatly in order on the bottom half of the screen, where you can manage the length each piece plays out for, the order in which they go, and decide whether or not to duplicate or delete them. The top half of the screen is dedicated to the film itself, so as you manipulate the order and timings of your video you can view its progress at the same time.

Once the cutting process is complete – or perhaps even before it starts depending on the importance you place on sound – you can input music to the video. If Filmr has access to your iTunes then you can select a song from there, or alternatively it provides a selection of artists and songs for you to choose from, including Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran. More than one can be chosen and, similarly to cutting the video, can be edited to whichever length and order you want. The last thing to do before you save is choose between three frame sizes, and then your video is ready to post on several social media sites, or send via messenger services and email.

On a very basic level, Filmr provides all of the tools you need to make a short video from scratch. The whole process of adding videos and photos, editing them, and then introducing a soundtrack is extremely simple, with no knowledge of film making needed at all. When everything is complete, the final product is of a decent quality, and would do justice to the memories included in it. It’s an easy way of combining snippets into one montage, while adding some emotional effect with the backing track. Also, most importantly, its user interface is basic enough that you’re not confused by a multitude of different tools to choose from, and instead keeps things plain and simple. All in all, then, it’s a great app for beginners to be able to create a video quickly, simply, and then show others through a variety of different platforms.[sc name=”quote” text=”Filmr is a free video-making app that’s aimed at holiday-goers and travellers who want to put footage of their trip together”]

If you’re someone who is looking to develop something more advanced, perhaps a short film, Filmr wouldn’t hold up. This isn’t a criticism, though, it’s just to say that for those wanting something more, it’s best to look elsewhere. After all, Filmr is a free video-making app that’s aimed at holiday-goers and travellers who want to put footage of their trip together, or someone just having fun creating clips – and it succeeds as just that.

Available on iOS.

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