Have a New Manager? Here’s How To Manage

Have a New Manager

When you unexpectedly have a new manager, there are four helpful strategies to acclimatize to their new management style.

Getting familiar with a new manager who takes over for a former boss can be a tough challenge. This is especially true if your previous boss was someone with whom you had a good working relationship. Therefore, here are some suggestions about how to manage when you have a new manager:

1. Keep an Open Mind During the Transition Phase

This is something that is far easier to say than to do!  Furthermore, you have every right to have concerns and even be nervous about the unknown possibilities ahead. However, you should try to give this new boss the benefit of the doubt whenever possible. This is a good way to start off on the right foot, at least.

Therefore, take note of their actions and what they say. In addition, also notice what’s left unsaid when they first join your team. Nevertheless, it’s wise to give them time to become familiar with their surroundings. In addition, let them get comfortable being around you before drawing any major conclusions.

2. Take Into Consideration Their Communication Style

As a rule, you will need to communicate with your new manager on a regular basis. Therefore, it’s best to understand as much as you can about their preferences right away and upfront.

Miscommunication is one of the most prevalent drivers of workplace conflict. Therefore, make sure you take the time to learn about your new manager’s communication style from the beginning.

The transition may be difficult at first. This, of course, will depend on how different it is from your previous boss’s style. However, it is an adjustment that you must not avoid. Doing so might be fatal to the success of the team or even the company. Therefore, check to see whether your new manager likes email, text, or face-to-face updates  After that, adjust all your future communications accordingly.

3. Acknowledge the Possibility That Things Will Operate Differently

If you have a new manager, this is unavoidable. Therefore, you should prepare yourself by keeping an eye out for signs of trouble ahead. This means being ready for change. Change is definitely par for the course. However, it is important to recognize and accept that things will be different from then on and that it will be alright.

It’s true that few people actually enjoy change. However, a great deal of the first difficulty of working under new management stems from people’s natural aversion to it. Therefore, even if the change is beneficial, it will still be different from what you are familiar with. As a result it will seem difficult even if it’s a good thing.

Consequently, accepting that things are going to be different right away is a way of removing your inner opposition to change.  In addition, you give yourself the flexibility to adjust to whatever is going to happen after that.

It’s unrealistic to expect your new manager to simply fit into the mold of your previous employer. It’s simply not going to happen. Furthermore, realistically, we wouldn’t want them to. Every person is unique. Therefore, allowing your new manager to be themselves is the best thing you can do for them. It’s true that you can expect a few growing pains. However, that doesn’t mean that they have to last forever or be unbearable.

4. Bring Something New to the Table

When a new boss comes over, smart people suggest new ideas. When someone takes on the responsibility of a management position, they are searching for ways to keep the team going forward. Consequently, it is an opportunity for you to offer any innovative ideas that you may have.

Therefore, plan a meeting. After that, prepare for it by brainstorming any areas that could be made better. Is there anything you believe could be streamlined? In addition, is there anything that would be worthwhile to experiment with? Do you have a suggestion for how to move a team initiative forward? Bringing these new ideas to the table when a new manager comes in might be the break everyone needs in order to start fresh. In other words, see the change in management as an opportunity for new growth.

Just as you would hope that people will accept you for who you are and allow you to grow and change, companies go through cycles and changes. When they do, it’s wise to learn to be flexible and open. That way, the change will help us rather than break us.

Image Credit: Yan Krukov; Pexels; Thank you!

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