Healthy Habits for the Remote Worker

Many of us continue to work from home, though the need for it is less urgent. However, forming healthy habits is more important than ever.

Many of us continue to work from home, though the need for it is less urgent. However, forming healthy habits is more important than ever.

Despite the fact that the pandemic has altered our way of life, many of us continue to work from home. Healthy habits we used to practice seemed less important somehow.

However, the novelty of working in pajama bottoms and eating lunch in the kitchen has worn off at this point. Furthermore, the difficulties of remote work are beginning to emerge as a result. This manifests itself in a variety of ways, including reduced attention spans, boredom, joint problems, and weight gain.

While working from home, here are a few pointers to help you stay healthy and focused on your work.

1. Find or make a good, healthy workspace.

Pets, children, and spouses can all be distracting. Therefore, it may be necessary to separate oneself from them. Obtain essentials such as a desk lamp, extension cord, and standalone mouse. In addition, get yourself some good Bluetooth-enabled headphones to round out your workspace setup.

If you spend most of your time in front of a computer or screen, read up on the basics of ergonomics. Understand the right posture of your neck, shoulders, elbows, and wrists. In addition, make sure you have the tools you need to minimize joint and muscle problems in the future. Your chair or desk may need to be adjusted to a more comfortable height in order to do this. Take care to ensure that your seat back is supportive and that your feet are on the ground. Perhaps even think about getting a standing desk.

2. Take a deep breath and start the healthy habit of blinking.

According to studies, gazing at screens causes your eyes to become dry. Have lubricating eye drops on hand. In addition, take the time to intentionally blink once or twice every few minutes. Similarly, make use of anti-glare filters for your computer screen. When reading, make sure to use reading glasses if necessary to avoid squinting.

3. Regularly get up and go somewhere else.

Start the healthy habit of routinely moving around your office or home. Avoid the eye strain and blood clots that can occur as a result of sitting for extended periods of time. Make use of this opportunity to engage in physical activity or to stretch and move your body. It is possible to learn a simple 5- or 10-minute stretching exercise. Practice during your little breaks and feel the difference in your mood and efficiency.

4. Healthy habits start with planning. Establish a schedule for your breaks.

Many of us working from home have easy access to the kitchen. As a result, snacking has become more convenient than it was at the office. However, this habit fosters undesirable weight gain.

Decide on one or two times per day when you let yourself visit your refrigerator. Consider keeping a food diary or using an app on your phone to track your calorie intake. If you find yourself eating without thinking and gaining weight, make yourself accountable. In addition, keep only nutritious and healthy snacks on hand.

Set a timer to ensure that breaks are kept to a reasonable length. In addition, whether you’re eating lunch or snacks, remember to take a break from your computer. Always enjoy your meal somewhere other than your desk. Better still, make use of your break time in another way. For instance, go for a stroll while talking on the phone with a colleague or friend. This brings a nostalgic air to it. It’s a little like the water cooler conversations that used to take place in the office.

5. Keep the healthy habit of hydration. Drink plenty of fluids.

Keep a water bottle close by, just as you would if you were working in an office. In addition, avoid binging on caffeinated beverages. Instead, use a few mint leaves or other herbs from your home garden to add to your water. This is a refreshing late summer or early fall treat.

6. Make transition times part of your routine.

Do you have trouble shifting from feeling at home to feeling at work? Given that they are both in the same location, this is a challenge.

However, many of us have bid goodbye to our daily commutes during this pandemic. The commute was our transition process. For your home office transition, try something different. What if you had a time of meditation? Spending a few minutes in peaceful reflection, prayer, walking, or exercising is a good way to start a healthy habit while transitioning to our “work” space.

Whatever method works best for you, make it a habit. Put it into practice every day in place of your travel time. It’s a convenient approach to transitioning from home to work. Many of us have continued to work from home even if the need is less urgent. However, it’s not too late to make these healthy habits adjustments to improve our home time. Starting these healthy habits today allows you to receive the benefits for the foreseeable future, as well.

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