How to Monetize Apps


People utilize many apps in their everyday lives. To take advantage of this phenomenon, many developers make relevant apps regularly. They need to monetize their apps to earn money through their built apps. The mobile app will fail based on your chosen monetization plan. However, it’s crucial to create a monetization plan that works for both your users and your business, regardless of whether you’ve built a premium app or a free one. There are many strategies you can follow to monetize apps. Let’s have a look at the several strategies in depth.

Strategic Options to Monetize Apps

1. Ads

The most common resource to monetize mobile apps is by running in-app ads. This method promises a valuable source of revenue for apps that want to remain free in the app store. Also, this is a practical and common strategy that app developers utilize to earn a significant amount of revenue. There are different types of ad revenue systems in work. Such as Cost Per Thousand Impressions, Cost per click, and Cost Per Action. You need to determine which revenue system you want to incorporate into the app for maximum profitability.

2. App Versions

The app developers can include the free and paid app versions in the app. Having a free and premium version of your app available is a common way to earn money from your app. This strategy involves app developers restricting access to specific features in the free app to “push” users to pay for the full software. Additionally, this approach offers double advantages.

The first advantage is that it allows users to try out the app’s rudimentary features without spending any money. In another way, the second advantage is that it expands the developer’s potential customer base, which can be used to generate revenue through in-app purchases and advertisements.

3. Purchase Models

The free app with an in-app purchase model is a good strategy to use to monetize the app. The in-app purchase options attract users to buy lucrative offers. The app can sell innovative things to customers. This common phenomenon is found in many games and apps where developers incorporate certain attractive features.

So, earning a significant amount of money through in-app purchase options is possible. Significantly, for the best possible scenario, it is better to find the perfect balance between a free app and an app offering different alluring options.

4. Bundles

Utilize bundle offers to provide attractive packages to the users. Many users jump at the opportunity to get multiple in-app items at cheaper prices. This is a good strategy to use in your app to let people know about the bundle prices, sales prices, and attractive monetizing bundle packages.

5. Subscription Services

You can opt for the provision of subscription services through the app. The subscription system ensures better features and offers to attract customers. Also, you should think carefully about how to provide the subscription service to the users, and you may offer several subscription options like free, basic, and premium.

The subscription packages offer several benefits, and people can only use the package for a certain amount of time. Through the subscription method, you can move forward in ensuring proper revenue generation from all the users. Free users will help to generate revenue by watching the built-in app ads.

6. Branding

Branding is one of the most important ways to showcase the features of your app to the app users. Influencer marketing, sponsorships, and partnerships are effective ways to help you earn money. Furthermore, brands may be interested in partnering with you to promote their products through your mobile app if you have a sizable user base or have established authority in a specific niche.

So, sharing your audience with advertisers and reliable partners can be beneficial for all parties involved. You may earn money from your app and provide a service to your customers by partnering with a brand they appreciate to increase the brand awareness of their services.

7. Multiple Methods

Using multiple monetization methods together is a good option among all the strategies. So, you need to plan and utilize the different methods carefully. However, you can show in-ad apps and also provide subscription packages to ensure multiple revenue generation options.

8. Utilizing Data

You should incorporate the necessary features and data from analytical software. The data regarding the users will help you understand their preferences. You will understand what things they like most and what things they don’t like. Moreover, the data will help you customize the app to suit the customer’s needs.

Final Remarks

These strategies are well-known and developers use them all over the world. If you can opt for any of the methods, or a combination of several strategies to monetize apps, you can generate a good profit. Moreover, the strategies have a good influence on app branding and customer generation. Additionally, email marketing, SMS marketing, and content marketing are also branding strategies that you can incorporate into your app branding & monetization plans and procedures.

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