How to Put Apps on iPhone 13 in Alphabetical Order?

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Isn’t it soothing to see all your apps in alphabetical order on your iPhone 13? If you are one of those people, you may want to prepare your apps on iPhone 13 or iPad in alphabetical order. This article is perfect for you! Here, we explain how you will easily be able to sort the apps alphabetically on your iPhone 13. Moreover, this will make your apps easier to search for and open on your Home Screen page.

A recent update in iOS removed the default setting that allows you to mechanically sort the apps on the iPhone home screen in alphabetic order. However, you will still be able to do this by resetting the layout of your home screen. Furthermore, once you finish doing that, any new app you install will automatically appear in ascending alphabetical order.

Resetting the Layout of the Home Screen

However, if you don’t remove apps from your iPhone unless you require the space, it can be challenging to locate the apps you have currently been using. You may indeed understand how to reorganize the applications on your device, but it can be time-consuming, so you may be looking for an effective approach.

When you reset your Home screen layout, the following issues will occur:

App folders that you initially created will be removed.

The pre-installed apps on your iPad and iPhone will be rebooted to factory defaults. The pre-installed apps will revert to their previous positions. They will not be arranged alphabetically. Sequentially, FaceTime, Planner, Timer, Photos, and Camera are among the pre-installed apps. Others are Reminders, Notes, Voice memos, Contacts, Maps, App Store Settings, News, Podcasts, TV, Stocks, etc.

However, the apps you have downloaded and installed will be reorganized in alphabetical order.

Additionally, it will not alter the wallpaper on your home screen.

Good thing is, it will also not delete your photos and videos. Unfortunately, customizations of your dock will be lost. This will change your layout. For instance, if you had added any extra pages prior to this, that will be omitted.

Simple Steps to Rearrange Apps on iPhone 13 in Alphabetical Order

The procedures mentioned in this article follow an iPhone 13 running iOS 15.0.2. You can also instantaneously arrange your mobile applications on the majority of iPhone models and iOS variants, however, the steps are distinctive.

  • First of all, go to “General” and tap “Reset”.
  • After that tap the “Reset Home Screen Layout” option.
  • “This will reboot your Home Screen setup to factory defaults,” a popup will show up. To verify, tap Reset.

With that, you can now revert back to your home screen. Henceforth, you will notice that your applications have been rearranged. On top of that, you can and should individually relocate the pre-installed applications if you wish to arrange them alphabetically. In order to do that, simply press and hold an application to be moved, then drag and drop it.

Additional Information on How to Instantly Organize Apps on iPhone 13

Having completed the actions above will arrange your iPhone apps such that all of the stock apps appear first, as they would on a default settings iPhone. Both these iPhone apps you’ve installed from the App Store will be labeled after these stock apps, alphabetically arranged.

You can reorganize your iPhone apps individually by pressing and holding on a symbol and then selecting the Edit Home Screen feature. You can then drag and drop app icons until they are in the correct order.

Another useful method for sorting or categorizing iPhone apps is to organize them into folders. You can accomplish this by pressing and holding an app, selecting Edit Home Screen, and then moving one app on top of the other. This simply generates a file containing those two apps. Furthermore, add the apps to this folder by dragging them on top of it. You can then retitle a folder by trying to tap and hold on the folder name at the top of the screen after opening it. Then, delete the existing folder name and replace it with a fresh one.

Once you access the Reset menu on your iPhone, you will see the option:

  • Reset All Options
  • Reset Network Configuration
  • Keyboard Dictionary Reset
  • Home Screen Layout Reset
  • Restore Location and Privacy

Such options complement the tool that allows you to start preparing for a new iPhone although you do not have enough space in iCloud for a complete backup. You also have the option to Erase All Content and Configurations to return the iPhone to the state it would be if it were a new device. Several of these reset choices are beneficial when trying to fix issues with your iPhone, so knowing where and what these restart choices are is useful.


There you go! All your apps for your iPhone 13, in one place, organized in alphabetical order. We hope this article was helpful to you. Furthermore, the guidance on creating folders, organizing apps, and renaming them will all be suitable for your iPhone 13. You are free to check out other articles to know more about your iPhone features.

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