How to Turn Your Chromebook into a Gaming Console

Chromebook into a gaming console

Chromebook is a small productivity machine that lacks powerful hardware and a gaming-friendly operating system. They are simple machines meant for a web interface of classwork or an online productivity app. Often, many ask if it is possible to turn your Chromebook into a gaming console. Here are the details of how to make it possible.

With the help of some Android gaming apps, you can play different games on your Chromebook. Moreover, Chromebooks come with built-in security protection. Plus, you can receive updates without interruption. It works well with Microsoft Office i.e., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Plus, it gives you access to PC, console, and mobile games like Cyberpunk2077, Star Wars, and Clash of Clans.

Premium Chromebooks have been specifically built for heavy workloads. Likewise, they come in various shapes, sizes, and specs to help you find your best suit. You can get the storage you need for your Chromebook on the local cloud drive. It’s been designed to work well with Android phones.

 Process of Turning Your Chromebook into a Gaming Console

A proper setup can enable you to turn your Chromebook into a gaming console. The diversity of games on Chromebook is much richer than that on PC.

 Step 1: Have an Internet Connection to Your Chromebook

The first requirement would be a good internet connection. Especially since cloud streaming quality is dependent on your internet connection rather than the device’s actual hardware. So, you have to make sure that you have a stable speedy internet connection.

Some services don’t let you subscribe below 15Mbps download speed. For an Ethernet connection, you can use Chromebook’s built-in ethernet port or USB ethernet adapter for the best experience. Accessing a 5G mobile hotspot is also good. However, a good connection can also face input latency, service interruptions, and graphical quality fluctuations.

Step 2: Download Android Apps to Your Chromebook

In the second step, you have to download any of your preferred Android apps from the Google Play store and install it on your Chromebook. By searching on the search bar of the Google Play store, you can find your favorite games.

An interesting fact is that you can simply consider your Chromebook to be a larger Android phone. Chromebook contains the Google Play store app. You usually hold your phone vertically while a Chromebook screen is oriented horizontally.

It allows you to mix and match input methods. A few popular browser-based games available on Chromebook are Catan,, and Gartic phone. Chrome has a bunch of gaming options and the specifications are trending higher and higher. It won’t be wrong to expect dedicated graphics cards onboard.

Step 3: Pair Your Chromebook with a Controller

Now, you need to pair your Chromebook with your existing game controller for Android. Or with a new controller if you don’t have one. Xbox or PlayStation controllers are also useable with your Chromebook to play games.

Finally, you are done with your steps, and you can enjoy your games.

Ultimately, Chromebooks can keep you entertained and productive even when you’re offline or your connection drops. Additionally, you can use it to check emails with Gmail offline mode, balance budgets, or plan parties with Google Sheets and Docs offline mode.

Cloud Streaming: An Easy Way to Turn Your Chromebook into a Gaming Console

Cloud streaming is the easiest way to turn your Chromebook into a gaming console. With the pair of cloud streaming and your Chromebook, you can play games. You can use the keyboard attached to your Chromebook to control the actions. Android and iOS devices play games in no different way.

Some names of dedicated ChromeOS apps are Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, Shadow, Nvidia GeForce, and Xbox Game pass ultimate. You will get several cloud streaming services in these. The cloud gaming options are paid services with varying features and game libraries.

You’ll need to buy or rent games for a monthly subscription fee. With this fee, you have access to a new collection of games each month with service offers. You can always check for new collections matching your preferences since the services differ from each other. By browsing each service library individually, you can pick according to your choices especially.

Subscription Fees for ChromeOS Apps

You can use Amazon Luna for a $21 monthly subscription fee and $139 yearly. But, Amazon Prime Membership can provide some discounts. Luna includes a rotating library of games with additional premium channels.

You can stream Google Stadia without a subscription fee. But for the Pro Game collection, you’ll have to pay $14 monthly after a 30-day free trial version.

New subscribers can join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a subscription fee of $1 for the first time and $21 onwards. Certainly, it gives you top-tier cloud streaming access to hundreds of games through a rotating collection.

GeForce Now and Shadow do not offer game purchase options. You’ll have to play games via an external marketplace.

PC games require a mouse or keyboard built into the laptop. But, the comfort of a full-size keyboard and external mouse provide unparallel comfort. You can also connect the gamepad to your Chromebook via USB or Bluetooth. Now, with these components, your Chromebook turns into a fully functional cloud gaming console providing access to the newest and most popular PC games.

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