How to Use Old Phones as Security Cameras

old phones as security cameras

Security is one of the most important issues in everyone’s life. Everyone wants full security in society. For increasing security, people install security cameras at their homes and workplaces. But due to increased demand for security, the price of security cameras is on the rise. So, you can perform a small trick at your home or workplace if you have a working old phone. It is better to utilize that phone, rather than damage it or sell it. You can convert that phone to a newly developed security camera by yourself by following some clear steps.

It’s economical to use old phones as security cameras, which will help you to ensure an increased security level without much cost. In this article, you will learn how to use old phones as security cameras.

Steps to Use Old Phones as Security Cameras

Step 1: Installing a security camera app on that old phone

First, select a proper security camera app that is compatible with your phone. There are many apps available. Those apps feature almost the same features as cloud & local streaming, recording, and storage of the footage in suitable places (for example cloud storage). Features also include motion detection and alert options. After setting up, you have the option to monitor your workplace & home from anywhere and at any time.

For the app, there are some popular choices like Alfred, Salient Eye, Presence, and IP Webcam. You can try all the apps and find out which ones are more suitable for your phone and which ones are more user-friendly. Those apps might have some in-built features that need to be unlocked by paying money. You should check which app comes under your budget and which helps you achieve your goals most efficiently.

The salient eye is a popular choice among people, which is very responsive. Furthermore, this app provides sirens, texts, and email alerts. You can use the app to convert Android phones from version 2.2 to recent versions to be security camera replacements. The app is simplistic and easy to install and use. But one limitation is that this is only usable on androids and the app doesn’t provide many more features.

Alfred might be the most suitable choice with its varied and attractive features. The app helps with two-way communication, which helps with talking with other people when necessary. Moreover, the app can detect motion and people, which will help to catch thieves. You can also get instant notifications via the installed app. The app is available for both Android and Apple-based devices.

You should check out all the different apps and see which has the highest success rate and which seems like the most suitable one for you. It will take a bit of time to finally select one app, but after finally selecting the app, you can rest freely. By using those apps, you can ensure your peace of mind by utilizing those old phones as security cameras for yourself.

Step 2: Choosing a suitable spot for placing the old phone acting as a security camera

After preparing the app and recording, the next step is to choose a suitable location and place the camera. Experts suggest that the orientation of the camera should be such that it focuses on the main door of your home, backyard, and any safety or places where you have stored valuable things.

If you possess multiple old phones that you are not using at the moment, you can set up those old phones as security cameras too. You should select various locations that are not directly visible, but the location should cover different vulnerable points in the relevant area. Set up multiple cameras to ensure that no blind spot remains at your house or workplace.

Step 3: Position the phone and power it

For positioning the camera phone, you can use a smartphone tripod and then place it someplace innocuous. For extending the field of view of the camera, you should consider buying a lens that can provide wide angles. The lens can cost from 5 to 20 dollars.

Since you are using the phone as a security camera, then you will want to keep it on for 24 hours straight full time. So, to ensure the phone can stay open for such a long time, you will need to place it adjacent to a working power source. You might need a bit longer lightning cable which will help with the placement of the camera.


Everyone wants security in their lives. So, it is necessary to take every possible action by each of us to ensure sufficient security in everyone’s lives, in both the workplace and at home. So, for providing security within the economy, old phones as security cameras are sure to help you increase your security level and protect your belongings. Life is invaluable. So, to protect your family, your health, and yourself, you need to take every possible action.

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