How to Use Twitter Wall and Promote Your Brand Effectively?

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Any brand’s most effective marketing strategy is maintaining a relevant and engaging social media account. Twitter and the Twitter wall are making great things possible for brands in terms of engagement and exposure.

And if you talk about statistics, 75% of social media users use social media to research brands online. Isn’t that a great number and also a clear reason for brands to prioritize social media?

Twitter remains among the social media leaders, and it is no secret that Twitter is one of the most active social media platforms, with 396.5 Million active users.

With that many users, it is easier to find an audience that might be interested in your brand.

Even during events, you can always find an audience and attendees that either already knows about your brand or are interested in knowing more about it.

But how can you exhibit your content on social media and display it to promote your brand effectively?

Your solution is simple – Twitter Walls!

Use Twitter Wall For Your Brand Promotion

Here are a few ideas through which you can integrate Twitter Walls into your event and take your brand to a new height of engagement and growth.

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Display User-Generated Content

Showcasing user-generated content is a great technique to get more engagement and growth. Displaying UGC is also the easiest and most genuine way to build trust among attendees.

You can do many things by displaying user-generated content on a Twitter Wall. You can run a hashtag campaign by introducing a unique hashtag that completely relates to your brand event. Also, you can display the hashtag posts on the Twitter Wall, which is the most innovative way to make any event interactive.

You can create a Twitter Wall and exhibit this user-generated content on digital signage during the event. Many social media aggregator tools provide automated moderation as well.

Whenever anyone from the audience uses the hashtag in their tweets or photos on Twitter, it will automatically feature on the wall.

Audiences love to be heard; this way, you can give them their deserved exposure and make them feel valued.

Market Your Brand’s Content on Social Wall

Displaying your brand’s content through a Twitter Wall will allow you to reach the masses in a more direct way and help you achieve your engagement goals. This way, you can also utilize your brand’s content to its full potential. You can post product details and even feature user-generated content of your brand.

A Twitter Wall is as compelling to look at as it is functional. You cannot overlook a digital screen as attractive with tweets, images, and real content all over it straight from Twitter!

Create a Buzz Around the Event

You can create buzz around the event through a Twitter Wall by posting engaging content and industry-related news and featuring new updates as they happen.

People like to stay up to date about new things happening around them. You can also keep the audience involved simply by displaying the latest content posted around the event. Twitter walls can also be an element of fun. With an attractive Twitter wall, you can keep your guests interested and entertained by seeing pictures and content from other attendees and reading about their experiences.

This ensures that the audience is taking an interest in the event. An interested audience is naturally more likely to post about the event, which creates a buzz around the brand during the event.

Helps You Identify Your Target Audience

Knowing your targetted audience is an amazing way to grow your brand. You can know about your audience’s likes and dislikes and what interests them through a Twitter wall. Also, you can track engagement and get an analysis of which hashtags or content works better for your audience.

You can utilize these numbers to create a better frame for your brand’s growth. A Twitter wall at events also works amazingly well to make your audience aware of your brand.

You can display tweets, images and video content from your social media. Displaying this content is also useful to understand if your current content strategy is working in favor of your brand’s growth.

Give Visibility to Your Sponsors

Sponsors are the backbone of any event. Giving them their due visibility not only helps your event become a success but also a great technique to attract more potential sponsors for future events.

You can give your sponsors a separate space by using a live Twitter wall at the event. You can display their Twitter feed and keep them in the limelight.

This is one of the best ways to fulfill their expectations from the event. Additionally, it makes them feel seen and valued for their part in the event. This also allows your sponsors to be involved in your event, connect with the audience, and leverage your brand.

Provides a Space to Circulate Information

Events are often fast-paced affairs, and many times, events don’t go as planned. Sessions get re-rescheduled, new speakers are added to the list, and even on-spot activities take place. A Twitter wall is a convenient and valuable space to feature new information about the event and to keep the audience in the loop.

You can simply post this information on your Twitter via tweets or posts and circulate it without any hassle by displaying the content on your Twitter wall. This ensures that the audience stays in the loop with your event’s schedule and maintains active participation. Because an event with an active audience is the closest thing to a successful event and a successful event is your best strategy for brand promotion.

Wrapping It Up

In this blog, we have discussed the rise of social media’s role during events and how event hosts and managers rely on smart social media aggregation tools to create Twitter walls.

This blog also guides the readers about how to use a Twitter wall effectively to promote your brand’s growth.

These ideas can help you bring your brand much-deserved recognition among your target audience without opting for a tedious marketing strategy that requires execution time and big budgets. So, now you know for all your future brand events, there is one must-have accessory – a Twitter Wall.

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