iSharing: GPS Location Tracker for Family and Friends Review

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Created by iSharingSoft and available on Apple and android devices, iSharing is a real-time GPS tracker app.

iSharingSoft recently created iSharing, a real-time locator app for Apple and android devices. iSharing helps families and friends stay connected on the map. This app also ensures safety through location sharing.

The app was founded by two parents with the goal of relieving parents and caregivers of their anxiety around the whereabouts of their family members. With easy tracking and alerts, you can rest easy knowing where your kids are during their time away from home.

Once users log in, they see a map-based dashboard that displays the location of their added friends. Last year, iSharing added a COVID-19 tracker within the dashboard as well. This allows users to see the number of local COVID-19 cases in a specific area.

iSharing GPS Location Tracker App

Aside from the location and the COVID-19 tracker, iSharing offers the following features:

1. Location alerts when friends or family arrive to or leave from home, work, or school

Users have the ability to save specific locations they and their family and friends visit the most and receive alerts to know when they leave or arrive at the location. Within the app, users can set place alerts for “Home”, “School”, and “Work”, but users can also set it for additional places. This particularly useful feature lets parents know when their kids leave for school, arrive at soccer practice, or arrive home.

Users can also set up and receive “Nearby Alerts.” This allows users to get a notification on their device when a friend or family member travels within a set radius from 1 to 100 miles.

2. Location history

iSharing stores location information up to 30 days for every user, so you can check the location history of someone if needed. On the location history page, it shows the path of travel and addresses of places the user has visited. It also includes the timestamp for every location. It can even tell whether a user has walked or driven to that location.

3. Messaging without leaving the map

Instead of checking the location and then switching over to another app to text someone, users can text each other within the app. iSharing also allows users to send photos and videos to each other.

Additionally, iSharing’s “Walkie-Talkie” feature lets users send voice messages instantly. 

4. Panic Alert

Within the main dashboard, iSharing has a button where users can send panic messages to their family members. Once the button is clicked, iSharing sends notifications to all members of the family on the app to check the sender’s location.

5. Privacy Settings

In order for a user to share their location, the app requires that two users add each other as friends on the app first. iSharing also allows users to set their privacy settings as the following: hide location, share distance between friends only, share location. This added privacy measure allows users to customize their app use and control how their information is shared.

iSharing stands out from other location tracker apps for its minimal use of battery and use of technology that took the team 7 years to develop. Because location tracker apps require your GPS to be turned on at all times, most apps consume a large amount of battery, but iSharing consumes around 1% over 24 hours.

iSharing is free with an optional premium subscription. The premium subscriptions allow users to add unlimited number of friends and places, access to location history for friends, and street view. All new users are able to try a 7-day free trial.

Want to try iSharing? Download from the Apple AppStore or the Google Play Store.

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