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YouTube is one of the fastest growing video platforms that exist with 300 hours of content being uploaded each minute. Given the popularity and the potential to form an actual career from the platform, many people aim to create videos on a range of topics. However, a common misconception with YouTube is that a significant amount of resources are required to start a channel in terms of filming equipment and editing software. As this is not true given the apps that are available, this article discusses the best ones that can be used to start a YouTube channel.

Filming: Videoshop – Video Editor (iOS/Android)

Although the camera technology that is found on mobile phones continues to increase in quality with every update, the features that are offered on the stock app are typically very limiting when compared to apps that are available. One of these apps, Videoshop, offers the ability to add music, apply filters, and merge videos, all in a matter of seconds. Through these features, users can get their videos exactly how they want them to include adding voice overs or text, various filters, and cutting/pasting other videos. Beyond the standard ability to capture footage, the range of customization abilities that are offered through Videoshop make it one of the most useful apps when looking to start a YouTube channel. Furthermore, users are able to film a wide range of content with a greater degree of tailoring when compared to the standard camera without having to purchase expense camera equipment.

Editing: ActionDirector Video Editor – Edit Videos Fast (Android)

Video editing is often done with advanced software that are either expensive or extremely technical. As a result, many people shy away from video editing altogether which can prevent them from starting a channel. However, ActionDirector allows for editing to be done right on the phone instead of having to import the video clips to a desktop computer. With the ability to add effects, post-shot editing, trimming and cutting, and highlights, videos can be made to look highly professional without having to be proficient in advanced editing software. By being able to either import videos that has been previously shot such as from the gallery or take videos straight from the app, ActionDirector is one of the best tools that can be used to professionally edit videos without needing to use expensive software or having advanced editing skills.

Performance Tracking and Monitoring: YouTube Studio (iOS/Android)

One key aspect to a successful YouTube channel is accurately tracking performance of different videos to gauge the popularity of content. Although this can be seen as cumbersome when compared to actually making the videos, it is an aspect that is crucial for any channel. As a result, YouTube has created YouTube Studio, an app that is designed to manage the channel while users are on-the-go. With the ability to analyze different metrics of videos, change thumbnails, reply to comments, get notifications, and receive tips on the best ways to optimize the video, the app is one that can greatly streamline the analysis aspect with easy to understand data. Furthermore, through the YouTube Studio app, users are able to adjust the monetization settings of their videos right from the app. As one of the most comprehensive apps in terms of monitoring and tracking the performance of different videos and the channel as a whole, YouTube Studio is a must-have app for those who wish to start a YouTube Channel.


With filming equipment being one of the highest expenses when starting a YouTube channel to include things such as lights, gimbals, stands, and various lenses, this aspect of starting a channel can be a challenge, especially for those who are on a budget. As a result, it is highly recommended that those who wish to start a channel read our post discussing the best accessories that mobile photographers need. Although the article is aimed at those who take pictures with their phone, it is applicable to those who wish to take the best shots of both videos and photos. For example, the article covers different stands, gimbals, apps, and even lenses which are relatively inexpensive when compared to professional equipment and can be used to capture the best footage for the videos.

Given all of the preparation that is required to start a YouTube channel, the apps and tools that are outlined in this article are highly recommended for those looking to start. Although a common misconception is that professional equipment and editing services are required, these apps are able to serve as a strong foundation without the need for a large investment. From monitoring the performance of videos to capturing and editing content right on the phone, these tools are comprehensive in what is needed to start any YouTube channel.

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