Learn a New Hobby! – 7 Apps To Try

Learn New Hobby

Hobbies are great for unwinding from a long day. They also can be a great way to learn something new in your spare time. If you’re looking to learn a new hobby, avoid expensive in-person lessons and opt for a free or low-cost app.

If you’re ready to learn a new hobby but don’t know where to start, here are 7 apps to try:


1. Guitar World Lessons – The App to Help You Learn a New Hobby

Aspiring rock stars will want to get their hands on Guitar World Lessons. It’s an app that offers hundreds of downloadable video tutorials for the guitar and bass. In addition, it has PDF sheets containing the appropriate music and tablature.

You can quickly and easily learn a new hobby with the help of this app. Professional guitarists, including some of Guitar World Magazine’s editors, act as instructors. Classes span from basic to intermediate and cover a variety of genres, including blues, jazz, bluegrass, metal, and bluegrass.

Guitar World Lessons is free to download, however, you are required to pay for lessons individually for $1 to $3. Alternatively, you could buy a package for $15. In addition, there is one free introductory lesson included with each instructional video series.

Guitar World Lessons is available on iOS


2. Duolingo App – Learn That Language

This is a free language-learning tool. You can learn more than twenty languages with this app. Users can improve their abilities by participating in interactive games, workouts, and casual text discussions with a chatbot.

To progress to more challenging lessons, you must first pass a test that assesses your level of advancement. In addition, there are options for those who find that competition motivates them more than the simple joy of studying. There are also optional social clubs allowing users to share their triumphs with peers and compare their results.

Duolingo may be found on iOS and Android devices. Tinycards, a flashcard software that works in conjunction with the game, is also available for iOS.


3. How to Draw – The Artist Learning App

Learn a new hobby with this artist app! It is not necessary to be a natural artist to learn how to draw (although it certainly helps). Using Artfonica’s How to Draw app, beginning artists can learn how to sketch.

Users learn how to draw cartoons, anime figures, animals, and other subjects. There are 70 step-by-step instructions in all.

How to Draw is available on iOS and Android devices.


4. Voice Tutor – The Vocal Coaching App

Have you ever wanted to learn a new hobby that might make you famous? With the Voice Tutor app, users can have a virtual vocal coach. This coach will help them build and improve their singing voices.

Using a diagnostic test, the app determines your vocal problems. It then gives you specific training activities to overcome them. In addition, Voice Tutor has a pitch meter, which checks your pitch while you sing.

This app also includes an extensive vocal warm-up segment. Additionally, it has specific breathing exercises and a fun “Riff ‘n Run” option. This helps you learn how to perform some fancy vocal acrobatics while you’re singing.

The cost of the Voice Tutor app is $5. Looking for more than just an app and prepared to spend the money for one-on-one sessions? If so, you can contact one of the app’s studios and work with their teachers by phone or via Skype.

Voice Tutor is available on iOS.


5. Elements of Photography – Take the Course

Elements of Photography (EoP) is a photography course that teaches users the principles of photography. You will learn everything from composition to depth of field, as well as aperture, shutter speed, and everything in between. The course also covers more advanced topics such as the exposure triangle, metering, and flash photography.

A depth of field calculator, quizzes, and technical recommendations for different types of photo opportunities, are also included. These will help you reinforce what you’ve already learned about photography.

EoP is available for free download. However, you will only be allowed to access the first chapter, “Basics 1,” of the program. For access to the entire collection of content, you can purchase the app for $3.

Elements of Photography is available for iOS and Android devices.


6. iYoga+ App – To Get You Started or Keep You Going

Yogis of all levels may fit in a workout at home or on the go with the iYoga+ app. The app includes eight 30-minute videos, which each feature an instructor performing a whole sequence. Additionally, users will learn how to transition between different positions.

The videos are in three categories and include classes that are both stimulating and calming. In addition, there are specialized sessions perfectly suited to each individual’s fitness level. Individual lessons in iYoga+ are $1 to $2 per lesson, however, the app is free to download.

iYoga+ is available on iOS.


7.  iBird Lite – The App for Budding Bird Watchers

With this app, you can begin or expand your bird-watching hobby. Beginners can learn more about the feathered creatures of North America and Hawaii by downloading iBird Lite Free Guide to Birds. This is available online.

The app features a database of 50 bird species. It assists users in identifying species based on their location, appearance, song, and other distinguishing characteristics.

Serious nature enthusiasts can subscribe to the iBird Pro app. It costs $30 and includes a database of over 900 bird species. In addition, the program is available in English and Spanish.

iBird Lite is available on iOS and Android devices.


Image Credit: David Bartus; Pexels; Thank you!

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