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MoveWith is a fitness app that seeks to pair would-be exercisers with trainers and their silky smooth voices.

MoveWith understand that following exercise plans is hard. There are always plenty of exercise routines available online, but you always need to motivate yourself.

With MoveWith, you no longer have to worry about maintaining your momentum when working out. No more will you give up half through your set, unable to go on due to sheer, uncontrollable laziness. Now, you’ll have someone telling you exactly what to do.

MoveWith is all about using the power of audio narration to give you clear, concise instruction on what to do. You can follow any number of people’s workout patterns and plans, adding them to your library so you can have them ready whenever you need.

On starting a plan – usually focused on one single individual workout – you are greeted by the cheery voiced trainer, who will present you with the instructions necessary for today’s workout.

Whether it’s a 7 minute ab intense program or a mindfulness routine to be practised every morning, MoveWith tries to ensure you have everything you could need to work on yourself physically.

The design of the app is incredibly minimalistic – there are no extraneous features or unnecessary bulk, instead offering just the available routines and your personal page. Your page offers some lovely statistics, such as the total workouts completed and the full list of programs you follow, helping you feel like someone who has it all together.[sc name=”quote” text=”the best feature of the app, the one which all other exercise apps should strive towards, is the volume slider”]

By far the best feature of the app, the one which all other exercise apps should strive towards, is the volume slider. Every program comes pre-equipped with some music that the audio recorder thought best fit with their voice and choice of program. Sometimes the music choices are… questionable, but the ability to listen to some music in the background of your exercise routine is enjoyable, as well as helping you think of this as an exercise regimen, rather than an ASMR tutorial.

However, when actually listening to your routines, you will notice a small slide. The default is in the middle, but sliding it to either side dims or increases the audio of either the audio narrator or the music. This insanely useful feature allows you to customize not only how much music you’re listening to, but also decide how much of the trainer’s voice you want to hear.

Anyone who’s ever gone to a personal trainer session understands that it can be somewhat daunting having another person there speaking to you, seemingly judging your poor form. With MoveWith, you can dim their voices to just the base instructions, allowing you to drone out to the music and complete the exercise routine in a peaceful, sonorous state.[sc name=”quote” text=”MoveWith is an exercise app that understands how people exercise”]

MoveWith is an exercise app that understands how people exercise; they want simple, easy to use features, allowing them to improve their workouts and mindfulness, without any extra detail or messy complications.

The design is simple and elegant, the choice of trainers varied and the music and audio is entirely changeable.

If you’re looking for a new way to workout, MoveWith is the way to go.

[review pros=”Intuitive and elegant UI. Fantastic audio scroller for different levels between music and voice.” cons=”Some of the music choices are occasionally questionable.” score=8.5]

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