My-Cast OneLook is a pocket-sized meteorologist

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The My-Cast OneLook application for the iPhone capably functions as a pocket weatherman.

The sun, it is said, shines on the rich and poor alike.  Rain, on the other hand, discriminates against those who fail to plan for it.  The iTunes App Store helpfully offers a variety of weather-forecast apps to help plan for the downpour.  My-Cast OneLook is among the best available. 

Utilizing the GPS functionality of the iPhone, My-Cast OneLook offers the user’s present location as its default.  The app supplies a forecast ranging from a few hours to six days.  The default page of My-Cast OneLook is well-organized and informative.  This view shows present conditions – including temperature, dew point, wind, barometric pressure, and humidity – while using line graphs to show fluctuations and trends in temperature.   Forecasts for the next few days show both expected highs (in red) and lows (in blue).   The user can also program other locations from the default view and store several favorite locations for easy access.

What’s really cool about My-Cast OneLook are its weather-map functions, which illustrate cloud and other activity.  Users can focus on radar readings and satellite imagery of weather patterns as well as cloud formations as they move through the area. This is a boon for those who fancy themselves as amateur meteorologists.  The application also provides a StormWatch feature and notification for incoming severe weather alerts.

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing if you have the My-Cast OneLook, which is heartily recommended.

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