Pets without the Worry

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Want a pet but without all the hassle of having to feed it, walk it and find someone to care for it every time you go away, the good news is now you can with a number of different pet apps for your phone.

Imagine a 90’s style Tamagotchi but on your phone, with improved graphics, more interactive and double the fun.

Below are five pets for your phone:

My Tamagotchi Forever (iOS, Android)

My Tamagotchi Forever has been a big hit among children of the 90’s, remember your cute little keyring pet that you were always forgetting to feed, there is now a 21st century version available for your phone. Just like the keyrings these adorable creatures need daily care, from feeding to being entertained. There are a number of improvements though, including beautiful graphics, a Tamagotchi town that you can customize, the ability to share your gameplay with friends and best of all there are whole bunch of new animals to pick from and care for.

Disney Princess Palace Pets! (iOS, Android)

With Disney Princess Palace Pets! You can play as a Disney princess from your favourite films caring for magical creatures including Cinderella’s glamorous puppy and Belle’s curious kittens. Wash and brush these beautiful animals before accessorizing them ready for fun activities but don’t forget to feed them just like a real pet. You can also take photos of your loving pets and show off your glamorous pets to our friends.

Little Kitten (iOS)

Little Kitten is just like having a real life kitten but with the benefit of living in your phone and being super portable. With realistic graphics you will feel like you are caring for a real kitten who just wants your love, attention and of course a saucer of milk. As well as caring for your furry friend you can also play a number of mini games together including hide and seek and animal puzzles. Little Kitten is the perfect app for anyone who has always dreamed of being a cat owner.

AR Dragon (iOS)

With AR Dragon you can own your very own dragon in this augmented reality virtual pet simulator. Care for your dragon egg and watch as it hatches in to your very own pet dragon that you can then watch grow a little each day until you find yourself with a fully grown dragon on your hands. Enjoy training your dragon and teaching him cool tricks that you can show off to your friends. The magic of AR Dragon is not just that every dragon is unique but that thanks to the amazing technology that is AR you can bring your dragon into the real world. As you play and care for your dragon you can collect hats and many other accessories that you can use to dress your dragon ready for any occasion.

Meow! – AR Cat & Your Mini Pet (iOS, Android)

Meow! Brings you all of the joy of owning a cat, play with it, feed it and train it and best of all bring it into the real world thanks to the latest technological craze AR. Just like a real cat you can train your cat by using your voice to do tricks and respond to your commands. Collect different toys to lure your cat and accessories to customize your furry friend. Meow! Brings your all of the joy that comes with being a cat owner without any of the burden, what could be better.

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