Red Flag Quizzes: What’s Your Red Flag?

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If you’re a frequent social media user then you might have stumbled upon this word on different posts. And in some cases, you might have thought about taking a red flag quiz to find out if you have any red flags or not.

Well, if you’re one of those people. Here are the top 5 red flags that you need to know about. Take the quiz to find out if you have any of them.


Humans live in a society and you often encounter people who have more than you in life. For example, if you have an iPhone X but your colleague has managed to get the latest iPhone with the same pay – you might get jealous of them.

This is a major red flag. It’s because when you are jealous of other people – you stop being supportive of them as an individual. So, whenever you see someone doing better – you won’t wish well for them. Even if it’s not on your mind, you will have it in your subconscious.

So, for this red flag quiz – try to reflect upon yourself and think about whether you get jealous of other people or not. If you do, you need to work on yourself and try to channel this negative emotion into something better. For example, if you feel jealous of someone – try to work hard to get to their position rather than sulking about it.

Lack of Maturity

A lot of people lack a sense of maturity. While for some, it’s a normal thing. But, when you are in a relationship with people – it can be a big red flag. For example, if you encounter a problem in your relationship. Or you have some reservations with your partner. The better option would be to discuss it with them rather than telling everyone else about it.

Similarly, a lot of things in our life depend on how we choose to react to them. Sometimes because of our lack of maturity, we mess up some situations badly. Therefore, the second red flag of this red flag quiz is having a lack of maturity in your personality.

Although, it’s a long journey. You can start to be more observant of people. In this way, you will notice a lot of things and that will be a guiding light for you. Rather than jumping the gun, take some time to read the room and then do something.


People often say that a certain amount of arrogance is necessary for life. But, in most cases – people take advantage of it. Arrogance is something that puts people off in a few minutes.

When you walk into a room full of people and try to initiate a conversation. Some people will listen and try to engage in the conversation. But some people will talk to you in a condescending manner. This can be reflective of their arrogance. And arrogance eats up the good qualities that you have within you.

On top of this, when you’re arrogant – you lose a golden opportunity to learn from people as they will not open up in front of you.

Anger Issues

Anger issues are an integral part of our red flag quiz. It’s because anger can manifest into other red flags easily. For example, when someone is angry in a fight, they will most likely do something else that falls under the “red flags” category.

Now, imagine you’re having a fight with someone who has anger issues. You can expect them to do anything. For example, physically abusing you, etc. it is because when someone is angry, they lose their senses. And this is a major red flag for anyone who is part of your social life.

No Activities in Life

Well, some people might think it’s cute how a certain individual gives them so much time. But, when you think about it – it’s actually a red flag. Why? Simply because the other person needs something in their life to be sane.

For example, if you go to work during the week. You have something that keeps you busy and helps bring food to the table. On the contrary, if you’re someone who doesn’t go to school etc – you will have no distractions in life.

While it is cute that your partner/friend is spending so much time with you – it’s also highly toxic for them to not have any purpose in their life.

Now, you know the top five elements of this red flag quiz. Put a tick in front of the ones you have and take your time to work on them. In the age of social media – people are quick to cancel – but you can work on yourself to eliminate these traits.

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