Review of Struck By Luck App

Struck by Luck App

Struck By Luck app is a very popular app for supporting the Scratch-Off game by Florida Lottery. The Florida lottery-based game is also known by the same name as the app. This is a unique gambling game where you gamble to get different types of gifts using tickets. Many people are using the app for winning gifts.

In this game, players utilize the built-in ticket checker option for entering their eligible tickets. After entering their ticket, they can find out if they belong to any of the winning groups of the Instant prize, Jackpot, or Storm. So, people can win different types of prizes after buying & getting tickets.

Features of the Struck By Luck App

You can use the following attractive features within the app. It is possible to check the latest amount of progressive jackpot prize money. There is a ticket checker option for checking tickets. You can also customize the notifications with different styles for the jackpot or storm-winning groups.

Furthermore, you can also easily see the winner lists for jackpot and storm through the app. Also, a unique feature called locate me on the app for showing Jackpot and Storm Winners the app. And finally, you can see the retailer locations of winning ticket-selling on the built-in app.

Things to Do Through the Struck By Luck App

In reality, this is a scratch-off game for a $10 lottery based in Florida, USA. It is possible to win a lot of prizes and to earn prize money up to 1M dollars. Moreover, it is very easy to use the app. You just need to scratch the lottery tickets that you brought through the app. There are three signs present in the game. If you can get a card showcasing a storm symbol, then that guarantees a win. Furthermore, the app ensures easy checking of the money.

In the actual game, there is an actual ticket scanner to scan the scratched tickets. For making it feasible, the Struck By Luck App inside the phone works as a ticket scanner for your card. The ticket Scanner scans the barcode present at the bottom of those tickets. After scanning the barcode, the app will shortly reveal the number of winnings. You can easily find ticket sellers through the built-in map of the app.

Florida Lottery Ticket & Conditions for Increasing Money

The Florida lottery tickets come with special conditions for increasing the amount of money. There are certain numbers shown at the top of the ticket. If any of your numbers match those pre-fixed numbers, then you can get the prize shown in that particular number. If you get a “cloud or storm” symbol, then you get a STORM symbol prize. Moreover, if you get a “lightning” symbol, then you can collect all 15 prizes shown on that particular ticket.

And there is “2X”, “5X” and “10X” Symbols with other signs which indicate the prize has been increased by the corresponding times. Finally, if you can reveal a “bag with money” symbol, then you win the progressive jackpot. They say that the progressive jackpot starts from 5000 dollars. You can collect the prize money from any lottery retailer or through the app. So, you can see that the lottery ticket has the potential to earn a large amount of money. The Struck By Luck app can help to check the tickets and also help to collect the money.

The Appeal of the Struck By Luck App Game

If you have the chance to win a big amount of money from a 10-dollar ticket, then certainly you will be attracted to the game. For making the gaming process more attractive and helping you to maintain your tickets and money, the app is a great tool to have.

Feature: Keeping Records

The app helps to keep track of all your tickets and winnings through all kinds of transactions done through the app.

Feature: Locate Ticket Sellers and Winners

The app has a built-in GPS which helps to locate ticket sellers and winners in nearby areas. With the map, you can easily know where to go and buy tickets.

Feature: User-friendly Interface

The app comes with a user-friendly interface to smoothen the process to create comfort for the users.

Feature: Ticket Scanner

The app itself acts as a ticket scanner for scanning the barcode on the tickets.

Feature: Notifications

The Struck By Luck app shows customized notifications for indicating people on the map who have won jackpot prizes. This particular feature helps to indicate people know about other winners.

Final Remarks

If you like scratch-off games and if you would like to keep playing this game, then you should play the Struck By Luck game and also download the app. The app will help you to keep track of all your tickets, and winnings and also help you throughout the process. There is a large following for this type of game, especially among people residing abroad.

There is a big reason for such a large fan following. Because scratch-off games are fun and if you are lucky, you can get a large amount of money up to a million dollars. Money is the real appeal behind the interest of so many people in this game.  And the app helps to make the process smoother.

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