Rumgr offers Mobile Marketplace for Random Wares


Spring-cleaning is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to empty your cupboards and unload that stuff you never use (says the semi-hoarder, don’t judge). Freecycle and Craigslist are good standbys for lightening your load, but there’s a new kid on the block, app Rumgr for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Upload to the Rumgr Network

With Rumgr, users can snap a photo of their item and immediately upload to the Rumgr network. Rumgr users will see available items based on distance, from within five miles to more than 50 miles away. Prospective buyers can ask questions of the seller — some examples include “Why are you selling this?” or “What year is this from?” If you’re interested in purchasing an item, you can leave the seller an offer or field a counteroffer.

List Items for Free

Rumgr is a mostly well-designed app that makes it easy for sellers to list items (free!), but its current downfall is the size of its network. There doesn’t seem to be user population in the Chicago area at all — only two items are within five miles, and they were listed two months ago. The service is still in its infancy, but the slim pickings don’t bode well for non-major metros.

Because there’s no tagging required, there’s no search function, and users can only browse Rumgr through its photos. I don’t know if buyers will love this omission, but it certainly makes posting items a quick process.

Rumgr needs to work on building its network before it can become a must download, but browsing a stranger’s “garage” can be fun, and that makes Rumgr one to watch.

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