3 Ways to Help Your Business Stand Out in the Digital Crowd

With millions of businesses competing for the same consumers, it can be difficult to stand out. Here are three tips to help people find you.

Standing out as a business can be hard these days. With millions of businesses competing for the same consumers, it can be difficult to make your mark. If you are a new business or a small business, you likely already feel challenged by the “big dogs.” Sites like Amazon, Target, Walmart rule the e-commerce world. And with many brands focusing on their digital marketing efforts, even more have entered the digital arena.

This isn’t the time to back down, however.

There are so many more avenues for businesses to reach their consumers. Everything from e-newsletters to social media is fair game. Of course, some tried and true marketing tactics like positive word-of-mouth are still advantageous too.

If you are a business leader or owner and trying to make your mark, keep reading. Standing out in the digital crowd is achievable. It will take some time and effort, but it is possible. Below are three ways to help your business grow and stand out amongst the digital crowd.

1. Prioritize SEO.

If it isn’t already, search engine optimization should become your best friend.

Consumers turn to search engines like Google when they need a new product. The brands that show up at the top of the list are more apt to get the final sale. Think about it. How often do you go to the second or even third page of Google results?

SEO is your tool to stay in the forefront of consumers’ minds. It’s a way for you to stand out, or at the very least, stay up-to-par among your competitors. No matter your business, SEO is a proven strategy.

Let’s say you are a law firm and seeking new cases. With specific law firm SEO, you can stand out from the pack of other local and national law firms. Through the right technique and strategy, you can win the Google algorithm and ensure you are capturing new audiences at their point of search.

SEO is nothing to be afraid of. While it can be a complex tool to master, there are numerous resources available for you or your team. You should start with doing some keyword research to find what your customers are looking for when they search. Then create fresh, innovative content that will reach your desired audience and provide them with invaluable resources.

Using keywords can help drive traffic to this piece of content and bring in customers. Spending some quality time with SEO can benefit your business as you begin to make your mark.

2. Be social.

Every brand today should have a social media presence because that’s where your consumers are.

Before the pandemic, 72% of American shoppers used social media to find out about a new product and/or brand. This trend continues as social media sites like Instagram are making it even easier for consumers to purchase directly from the platform.

Being on social media, however, means more than just starting an account. You have to be active and consistently post engaging content. This type of content varies based on platform. TikTok and Instagram are both video-focused platforms, as opposed to Facebook and Twitter. Creating a social media strategy with your team can help make posting continually easier for everyone involved.

For social to work in your favor, you need to be reaching your specific audience. You can utilize social marketing tactics to find these users. Creative and engaging social campaigns can stop scrollers in their tracks, directing them to your site and converting to sales. Just be sure to check in on your campaigns regularly to ensure you are actually meeting your desired targets.

3. Focus on building relationships.

Lastly, it can be extremely beneficial to focus on building relationships with your customers and influencers.

You want your customers to return time and time again. You also want them to tell their friends and family about how great your brand is. In order for this to happen, you need to create a positive customer experience.

Focusing on your customers can look different for every brand, yet the basics remain the same. Treat your customers with respect and listen to what they want. If they have questions about products, be willing to provide answers and information. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to keep your customers in the loop when it comes to fulfilling their orders.

Building relationships with influencers can also work in your favor. Of course, these influencers need to understand the demographics and target of your desired audience. Once you do have a few influencers on your side, they can help attract consumers directly to your brand. Influencer marketing is expected to grow to $16.4 billion in 2022. This lucrative market is worth tapping into, and it can help new brands stand out quickly.


As a brand, you want to make an impact that will funnel new customers to you. This can be a challenge in today’s world, as nearly every brand is also trying to achieve the same goal.

Narrowing your focus, identifying your desired target audience, and understanding customers’ buying habits will help your business. With this, you can create a smart SEO strategy, winning the Google algorithm, and play it big from a social point of view.

Once you implement these tactics, you’ll likely notice your business standing out within the digital marketplace.

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