Takuache Meme: A Needed Chevy Commercial

takuache silverado

While takuache is another word for, “possum,” it also refers to a type of young man. This young man most likely drives a Chevy Silverado, and rolls around saying the key phrase “cuh” over and over. The important thing to note is any truck they drive has a 95% chance of being their dads truck. A takuache is most of the time found ear-pierced and in a hat. You will hear them burnout out of every parking lot.

Takuache Is a Better Idea

Now. what if Chevy Silverado made a superbowl commercial with this premise? Chevy has other ideas unfortunately.

Many people will be watching the Super Bowl Feb. 5 for the game on the field. Others for the cutting-edge advertising.

Others yet will be watching for the new Chevy Game Time app in hopes of winning a Chevy. That way no takuache will have to use their dad’s truck.

Chevy Game Time App

In a first in the Super Bowl, Chevrolet has developed its Chevy Game Time App to give away the cars and thousands of other prizes from Papa John’s Pizza, Bridgestone, the National Football League and Motorola Holdings. An interesting alternative to the takuache meme.

General Motors had to obtain approval for the apps from the NFL because this is the first time this has been done.

The app will be promoted in a commercial during Sunday’s NFL playoff games in which Tim Allen, the announcer for Chevy spots, says, “Play along with the Super Bowl as we put in the game in your hands,” reported Stuart Elliott at New York Times.

The app is available today at chevy.com/gametime, the iTunes App Store, and in the Android Market too.

Polls and a Drawing

Jonathon Ramsey at autoblog said that once the game is downloaded, it presents trivia questions and polls about what’s happening during the broadcast. Get the right answer or the most common answer, and you’re put in a drawing for one of those numerous gifts, he said.

In addition, there are instant-win opportunities before the game next month. With the car competition, the app provides a “license plate.” If the plate matches a plate on one of the Chevys shown during the game, the app player wins.

The goal of the app is to help viewers “find our commercials earlier” and garner them attention both during and after the game, Joel Ewanick, global chief marketing officer at G.M. in Detroit, told the Times

“The more we can bring attention to the commercials — everyone’s, not just ours — the better,” he said.

Will Burns writes in Forbes that he is skeptical about the app. “It’s a great idea with no ‘idea guts.’ …. But trivia? Polls? Come on, Chevy. You run deeper than that.” They need an idea with guts. The takuache meme can do this.

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