Unblocked Games 76, and How to Play

unblocked games 76

This article discusses unblocked games 76, and how to play on the unblocked website. Other unblocked websites include: ‘unblocked games 911’, ‘unblocked games world’,  ‘unblocked games 66.’ If you want to play games at school or work, this article is a great resource to learn how to play the games without getting blocked. The article also looks to study how the unblocked games market has developed over the last 10 years.

What is Unblocked Games 76

Unblocked Games 76 is a gaming website where you can play games without being blocked. You can play on the website by searching google for unblocked games 76, and going to the correct website. Websites like these started when admins of school or company computer network found ways to block large amounts of website lists at once.

How Some Websites Stayed.

Websites that found way to cater towards education value stayed, such as CoolMathGames. However, other websites focused on only games left the internet when blocked. Websites able to bypass being blocked started becoming a lucrative business due to the a potential ad revenue. Finding unblocked games became a huge market. One bypass found was to host the websites on the ‘sites.google’ domain because the domain cannot be blocked without blocking relevant websites as easily. This proved to be the winning strategy. Even while the sites google strategy disabled admins from blocking the domain of the website directly, the admin still could block the particular page of the website. This is where the numbers at the end of the website come into play. Anytime a particular page is blocked, a new number is added to the slug of the website. This allows for the website to move pages on the sites.google domain, leaving the website technically unblocked for use once again under a new number. For example, 76 could turn into 54 in the next year or so. This is why the other websites, such as ‘unblocked games 911’, ‘unblocked games world’,  and ‘unblocked games 66,’ exist.

What Kind of Games Does the Website Host

From driving car games to two player games to puzzles, unblocked games 76 is clearly a website aimed at the younger audience. The owners of the site have added plenty of games. The games are fun, quick, and light weight. Many of the games play on trends from politics, celebrities, and sports.

It is important for a website like unblocked games 76 to continue to add new game content, while maintaining high search volume for popular games. Ranking on Google for specific unblocked games is a large part of the website’s strategy.

Website Competition

While it may look like the website has competition, many of the websites seem interconnected. Meaning, one owner may be adding the same website copy code to different pages, allowing multiple avenues for unblocked games for students and workers. CoolMathGames is always a competition for online games; however, sometimes admins even will block CoolMathGames on their network. This is why the unblocked games Google sites strategy has so widely successful.

How to Play Unblocked Games 76

The best way to play is to search the website on google. Find the unblocked games google site that is unblocked. In other words, you are looking to find the right numbered page that is not blocked by your company or school network. Once there, you can scroll through games on the left hand side, search for games, or find a category of games that fits your needs.

Click on the Game to Play

Once you click on the game you want to play. You have to click again to play the game. However, beware some ads will try to get you to download spammy ads content. Some of which might be viruses. This is why many admins try to get students and employees off sites like these. So, when you see ‘download now’ or ‘click now’ or ‘start now’ button that look off, note they are most likely spam. Once you click again to play the game, the game should start up if it is still up on the website.

If the Game Does Not Start Up

Usually, look for a new game to play if the game does not start up. The issue is not on your end in most cases. If you want a game back up, try to email the owner of the website and see how responsive they are. Sometimes, they will be able to reupload the game properly, allowing you to play the game on the website.


Unblocked games 76 and other related website have spiked in response to the blocking of games by network admins. While the network admins are not wrong about the spamming and potentially virus-holding content on the websites, if there is demand for something, the world will find a way. A professor should make a case study about the evolution of the unblocked mobile game market as a related study about illicit substances. While the black market for online puzzles to play at school is less serious, there are many similarities in how the back and forth between the two players continues on. The high search volume requires some individual or owner to take on the Google sites strategy to continue supply unblocked games to all.


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