The Status of Tesla Autopilot: How Much Longer to Launch?

Everyone is wondering about the status of the Tesla Autopilot. How much longer will it be until this product comes to market?

Automated machines have transformed various aspects of society to make our lives easier. We’ve all been dreaming of a future where cars will be driving themselves and flying cars will be seen in the sky. Well, the future is already here for self-driving cars. The revolutionary tech businessman Elon Musk made it possible with his company Tesla and its astonishing technology.

Tesla’s breakthrough technology is simply called Autopilot. It’s the feature that puts self-driving cars on the map and shows what they’re capable of. And Tesla’s main selling point is its innovative — and first — commercialized autopilot function.

Many have been eagerly waiting to know when the wait for Autopilot version 10 will be here. If that’s you, keep reading.

What is Tesla Autopilot?

Autopilot is a Tesla vehicle’s optional driver assistance technology. Buyers much purchase it separately. It boasts high-quality safety and convenience features. Through your Tesla Account, you can purchase or subscribe for Autopilot in one of two bundles: Autopilot or Full self-driving capabilities.

The Autopilot package lets your vehicle independently drive, speed up, and brake for other vehicles and pedestrians in its lane. Advanced safety and convenience features, as well as driver assistance features such as emergency braking, collision warning, and blind-spot monitoring are all available. Tesla designed these features to help drivers with the most difficult aspects of driving. 

While driving on the highway, Automatic Lane Change will place your vehicle in the best lane to prepare for merges and exits while overtaking slower vehicles. Drivers receive clear information about forthcoming lane changes, as well as the ability to customize the Auto Lane Change capability.

With the help of the Autopilot’s advanced safety features, you will get help while you are in the most challenging parts of driving. Autopilot adds new functions and enhances current ones to make your Tesla safer and more road-savvy over time. Autopilot navigates, steers, accelerates, and stops automatically within its lane.

Current Autopilot functions necessitate active driver supervision and do not allow the vehicle to drive itself.

Tesla Autopilot Features

Basic Autopilot is a system that comes standard on all new Tesla vehicles. This system offers very basic features that allow the Tesla to accelerate to a safe speed, stop for other cars or persons it sees at the front, and gives minimal automated steering to make sure the car is centered in a lane.

Tesla designed the Autopilot feature to “assist during the stressful parts of driving,” such as long-distance travel on highways and expressways. Some other features include auto-braking in an emergency, alerts for collision, monitoring of blind spots, adjustable cruise control, etc.

Importantly, that last component solely controls acceleration and braking, leaving the steering to the driver.

Today, the Enhanced Autopilot mode is available in the United States. This is basically an adjusted option for selected locations such as the U.K. that offer some of the best FSD capabilities for a portion of the price.

In Enhanced Autopilot, there are features for parking, changing lanes automatically, summoning, and Navigate on Autopilot. After the last update, the autopilot can identify traffic mechanisms such as lights and stop signs.

Why Is It Called ‘Autopilot’ If It’s Not Fully Autonomous?

While the normal individual may interpret the term “autopilot” to mean something entirely autonomous, Tesla CEO Elon Musk claims otherwise.

According to Musk, the name Autopilot comes after the autopilot system of planes, which helps but does not replace human responsibilities.

How Much Longer to Wait for Tesla Autopilot V10?

Every two to three weeks, Tesla has historically published an FSD Beta build with major improvements. We’re using FSD Beta version 10.10.2, which was gradually provided to testers in mid-February of 2022.

The latest major version of FSD Beta occurred in early February of 2022. Tesla expects to release another build soon. As of now, the Autopilot Beta version 10 is accessible to the employees and early subscribers. They further expect to release the current version to the public between October 2022 and January 2023.

If you’re wondering about the FSD v10.3, short for Full Self Driving, Elon Musk has announced that the release date of FSD 10.3 was rolled back a few more months back on October 23, 2021. The problems arise due to the Eco mode clashing with FSD and the poor communication system. These are the types of problems testing labs and Beta users are reporting.

However, Tesla has yet to release Fully Autonomous Car software. What we have currently is, the Beta version of the software. Tesla is testing each configuration gradually to develop a successful FSD for commercial use. Presently, the software — both Autopilot and FSD — requires active supervision of the driver requiring him to hold the steering wheel.

Finally, Tesla Autopilot is a really useful feature, particularly when driving long distances. However, it has limitations, limitations to be fully aware of before getting into the driver’s seat and allowing the car to control itself. And if you are considering using Autopilot globally, it’s still far from being practical considering some countries have wildly unpredictable traffic.

Self-driving cars are on the way, and cars will soon be able to drive passengers about without any human intervention. However, just be clear that fully self-driving cars are still years away.

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