The Backbone One: PlayStation Edition Mobile Controller is now Available for Android


Sony and Backbone have introduced the Backbone One, which is the PlayStation Edition Controller, and it will now be available for Android in 2023. Both companies partnered with one another to produce and release the iOS version of this controller in 2022, which includes a lightning port.

Introducing The Backbone One: PlayStation Edition Mobile Controller

The main concept behind this controller is sliding the phone into the grip and then playing games comfortably. Another crucial feature is that with this controller, users get to use the PlayStation glyphs instead of traditional controls. The controller has already gained a significant amount of popularity in very little time.

Features of the Backbone One: PlayStation Edition Mobile Controller

With the PS Remote Play app, you can use this controller to play various PlayStation games. You may, however, play selective and suitable games from the Play Store (or the App Store), such as “Call of Duty: Mobile,” “Fortnite,” “Diablo Immortal,” and many other games. You should download the Backbone app for a personalized PlayStation experience. Furthermore, the app works as a central hub for all compatible games, including those from streaming services like Xbox Game Pass, Amazon Luna, etc. There are no tedious setup procedures for this. Moreover, you can play games directly from your Xbox, PC, or Xbox Cloud Gaming. The controller comes with a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a type-C USB port. Furthermore, the controller doesn’t possess a battery. It needs a minimal amount of power from your phone for long sessions.

The Backbone One: PlayStation Edition mobile controller is set to be sold for $99 in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and several other countries. Furthermore, if you purchase Backbone One, you get free access to more than 350 console-based games and different perks. Perks include a 1-month Google Play Pass for Android users or a 1-month Apple Arcade pass for iPhone users, and a 3-month Discord Nitro subscription. There are other perks available as well for the buyers.

How do You Use the Backbone One Controller?

There is a switch that you need to press to start the Backbone app. After that, you have the option to take screenshots and record gameplay. Moreover, you have the option to mute the game by double-pressing a switch. There are other buttons to play games.

There is a button for accessing the menu on the PlayStation. Finally, you need to connect through PS Remote Play to access the PlayStation games. After connecting, use the menu to select your preferred game and then begin playing. The controller box comes with proper manuals to teach you how to control the controller and play the games.

More Technical Features of the Backbone One Controller

Compact and Collapsible Design

With a sturdy design, the controller can last for a significant period. Moreover, the gaming equipment is easily collapsible, which helps keep it in suitable places. The design is also very beautiful to look at. Moreover, the users can grip the controller well. Gripping is an important factor and the controller ensures well-maintained gripping condition.

Capture clips and record videos

As mentioned before, it is possible to capture clips and record videos when you want. You can save those in storage and then you can share those to social media platforms.

No battery needed

The controller has no battery and therefore has no reason to charge. It just takes a little bit of power from your phone when the phone is connected to the controller. Since there is no battery, there is no loss of electricity, and money is saved bit by bit.

3.5 mm headphone jack

The jack is suitable for listening to music and songs from games quite comfortably.

Play any game that supports the Backbone One controller

The controller will let you play any game if the game is suitable for the controller. And many games are suitable to play with this controller.

iPhone vs Android-based Mobile Controller

Both versions have a similar basic design and layout. People get the white and black design with buttons matching the DualSense controller. There are specific buttons necessary for taking screenshots and recordings. The controller can work for playing Android and iOS games too.


It is great news for all gamers and PlayStation users to be able to play many PlayStation games using the Backbone One: PlayStation Edition mobile controller. Undoubtedly, it is significant progress in this sector as people with Android and iPhone devices will be able to play PlayStation games without the PlayStation itself. For the price of 99 dollars, you can acquire this controller and have an amazing gaming experience on your phone. If you are interested in playing PlayStation games, you can opt for buying this controller.

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