The Best Restaurant Games All Foodies Must Have on their iPhone

In today’s day and age, when everything is so sped up that even sound is traveling at the speed of light, certain activities have become a luxury for the majority of hard working people who have neither the time nor the energy to immerse themselves in activities that once were essential parts of everyday life. One of these activities is cooking, which is slowly but surely becoming a lost art – not only due the characteristics of the times we live in, but also due to the amazingly varied selection of takeout spots, all sorts of restaurants, and home delivery.

While cooking is gradually becoming a lost art, dining out has blossomed into a form of art, providing fertile soil for innovations within the industry that cater to the expectations and demands of foodies worldwide. Operating a restaurant is much more of a luxury than cooking, and we’re one hundred percent sure that the former is even less common than the latter, and is something most folks will never experience – especially if you fail to download these outstanding restaurant games.

Restaurant Story

Restaurant Story’s great simplicity makes for a simply great restaurant game, while its universally cute graphics ensure that the game finds its way to everyone’s heart. Restaurant Story’s premise is exactly what you would think it is based on its name: you have to build a restaurant from scratch, customize it according to your preferences (including the interior and the menu), then socialize with other restaurants, collecting precious tips (meaning great pieces of advice) from other players. Although Restaurant Story emphasizes that it’s free to download, play, and update, it offers plenty of in-app purchases, but as the poet once said, everything has a price, with one of the best restaurant games for iPhone not being an exception.

Diner Dash

In Diner Dash, you play as Flo, the tireless waitress working all three shifts, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The goal is to cater to the specific demands of average customers and VIP guests providing bonus rewards, while also preventing troublemakers from messing up your day and the dining experience of other guests with their antics. Diner Dash boasts 150 plus levels across four venues, multitudes of unique characters, and plenty of upgrades providing even more variety to this already multifarious game.

Zombie Café

Poor zombies have it real tough: when they are not being hunted or pitted up against similarly ruthless beasts, they are forced to work in a restaurant, serving their biggest enemies and favorite delicacies: human beings. In Zombie Café, you play a nefarious restaurant owner, whose goal is to transform customers into zombies using a toxin, then force them to work as waiters, and work as much as they can. Zombies might be undead, but they are not tireless, and if you overwork them, they’ll start chewing away at customers, which is something you want to avoid at all costs. To bring even more fun to the gameplay, you can raid neighboring cafés to steal recipes and toxin, decorate your café with more than 100 items, and prepare not-so-yummy zombie-inspired recipes.

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