Tips for Purchasing a Wedding Ring

wedding ring

It’s important to consider a few factors before purchasing a wedding ring. A wedding ring is a significant purchase that carries just as much symbolism as the actual price. Making the right decision on which ring to purchase is essential, but not easy.

By taking into account the following three tips, you can make sure you get the perfect ring for your future wife.


The first step is to decide what type of ring she wants. Here are some things to consider:

  • What style does she prefer? There are tons of different options and styles. Some styles like a halo are newer and trendier, while a solitaire is a style that has been around forever and never goes out of style.
  •  Does she want a thin band, thick band, or something in between? This may seem insignificant until you remember that this ring will be worn for years. Even a slight discomfort can get really annoying after long enough.
  • What kind of metal is preferred? White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum are all popular options. Again, this may seem like an insignificant choice, but for her, it could be the difference between “I love it!” and “Oh….I love it.”
  • How will the ring be used? Will the engagement ring serve as the wedding ring? Will there be a separate ring, or another band added? All of this needs to be considered.

By taking all of these questions into consideration, you will find out what the perfect ring means for your situation, and the next step is the cost and budgeting of the ring.


Cost is a major factor when planning to purchase a ring. There are several ways to find the best deal on your wedding ring:

  • Shop around. Before making a final decision, compare prices from different jewelers. Alternatively, you can purchase items online for less than you would pay in a physical store, although you may have to pay shipping costs if the store does not offer free delivery.
  • Know what you want and stay true to that vision! A good deal on a ring can make it tempting to compromise on preference or cost. Again, if you know the style and preference she wants, don’t sway away from this. On the flip side, if you know that the style of ring she wants falls in your budget, don’t go spending more if you find that ring with additional features.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be pressured. It is so easy to feel pressured into buying something right away. Jewelers are professional salesmen. Their goal is to persuade you to buy a ring by cutting you a ‘good deal.’ Don’t be afraid to make things a bit awkward and walk away. It’s perfectly okay to shop around to ensure you make the right decision.


Above all, communication is important. Getting to know her preferences and setting a realistic budget requires communication first. Too much emphasis is often placed on the element of surprise. It is a terrible idea to propose to her or to buy a wedding ring before you ask her what she wants. Whether she wears it for several years or the rest of her life, this ring will remain with her for a long time. Getting a ring without any idea of what she wants is like shooting a basketball blindfolded.

If you don’t want to specifically ask her about her preferences, talk to her family or friends and have them figure it out. By doing this, you will know what style she prefers, and you may even save money.

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