Looking for a Gift? Here are Top Board Games for Players

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Board games to gift? Is it a good idea? Yes! Board games can make up for a thoughtful gift for your friends and family. It is because board games are a lot of fun and bring out the competitive side of people. You can use them to have an amazing time with your friends and family as they can make your game nights interactive rather than just playing on a screen. But lots of people play the same games for years. However, there are hundreds of board games available that you can add to your board game canon! This is why we have compiled a list of six board games that you can make up as a fun gift.


Risk is a board game that will force you to take some risks while you play. As it is a strategy board game that involves conflict, diplomacy, and conquest of power. The game requires around 2 to 6 players for its standard version. The gameplay involves a political map of the world which is divided into six continents. The game moves forward as the players form alliances and lobby against their opponents to finish their secret mission to gain their objective.

It is an amazing gift for someone who is a student of politics or is interested in the world of geopolitics. The best thing about the game is that it can beguile the players for hours as they get engrossed in the realpolitik. Risk is going to be a good pastime for anyone. Especially those who want to break away from the realm of technology and spend some quality time with their friends.

Sushi Go

As much as people love complicated and strategy-based board games, there’s nothing as good as a simple card game that you can play with your friends. If you’re looking for board games to gift a teenager, then Sushi Go should be at the top of your list. The game is very straightforward and fun. All you have to do is to acquire the best combination of the sushi dishes that are available in the cart stack. The game is really easy to learn and anyone can master it within five minutes.

Summer Camp

As the name suggests, Summer Camp is a game that will leave you with a wave of nostalgia. You will reminisce about all the memories that you have from that summer camp you went to during your childhood. The players have to race against each other in order to earn badges of merit. These merits are divided into different categories such as arts and crafts, adventure cooking games, and water sports.

This board game will be an excellent gift for someone who loves to camp. On top of this, there are no complicated rules that you need to remember, so it can make up for a great gift for young kids.

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Betrayal at House on the Hill will make a perfect gift for someone who is a fan of horror and suspense films. The game requires around 3 to 6 players as they maneuver through a creepy mansion and explore every room. However, you must be thinking why is it called betrayal at the house on the hill? At some point, a team member betrays the other players, starting everyone’s rat race against time. Each player tries to betray the other player in order to complete the conditions.


Pandemic is among the exemplary board games to gift as it teaches people about working together and its significance. Most strategy board games focus on pitting players against each other. But this one is different because it helps them learn more about teamwork. Therefore, it can be a learning opportunity for children and elders as they will get to learn while having fun with the family!

Ticket To Ride

Ticket to Ride is the most entertaining strategy-based game that you can find if you are looking for board games to gift your loved ones. The game involves a setup where you have to build railways across a country to form a connected railway setup. The player who manages to build the best one gets the ticket to ride! The gameplay seems complicated but it is extremely easy to learn. So, if you are looking for board games to gift to your friends, this one will be a great pick!

Final Thoughts

Board games are somewhat rare these days. Mostly because people have found more avenues of entertainment such as video games and movies. However, nothing beats an evening filled with loads of board games, some takeaway, and friends. Board games can also make up for an excellent gift for your loved ones. If you are looking for games to gift someone then you will surely find this list helpful to decide and pick a perfect fit.

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