Twisting Art Immerses Players in Fast-Paced Restoration

Twisting Art Immerses Players in Fast-Paced Restoration

Twisting Art is an evocative and tension-packed rotating puzzle game. The premise is that a beautifully handcrafted art collection has been ruined and you are the only one who can fix it. Time is ticking and more than 100 works of art are waiting for your help. Rotate the pieces into place and discover the beauty hidden behind the twisted mess.

Twisting ArtGameplay Pits Players Against the Clock

Unlike many strategy games, Twisting Art gameplay is as simple as it is addictive. Players rotate pieces in a pressurized fight against the clock to repair messed-up artwork by putting the pieces in their correct orientation. It’s a challenging game that requires fast reflexes, quick thinking, and visual pattern recognition. Players are rewarded with three different levels of puzzle completion represented by different color frames for the art pieces.

Twisting ArtAs players solve puzzles and restore pieces of art to their former glory, they progress through the game. The challenges get harder and harder as players advance. To complete the game, players have to complete a total of 1oo puzzles.

Twisting Art’s colorful style and cheerful music provide a well-balanced but challenging race against the clock. Players have the option of selecting an “Easy” mode for a more relaxed game experience. Playing in this mode allows more time to complete the levels.

Players who give Twisting Art a try quickly find themselves immersed in its simple and engaging gameplay mechanics. Developed by Twin Castle Games, Twisting Art is free and available for Android smartphones on Google Play.

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