Want to Kill Some Time? Here are the Best Hyper-Casual Games for Your Phone

hypercasual games

In this digital world, you don’t need an expensive PC or a particular gaming console to play video games. You can play amazing games with just a smartphone which is very common these days. One-third of the world’s population is engaged in video games and the number is increasing every passing year. Not everyone loves to spend hours playing challenging games on their mobile phones. This is the reason hyper-causal games exist. These games have climbed the heights of success over the past few years. You can enjoy these games while on the go or at your own place. There are a lot of hyper-casual games available, however, picking the right ones requires a lot of search and time. So, this is what we have done for you in this article. Continue reading to pick your favorite one from our chosen list.

1. Cats are Cute

This is a simple game to relax and wind down from a hectic day. Cats are cute is easy to play with. All you need to do is collect cats and build a town around them. With an appealing black and white design, this game involves collecting as many cats as possible and providing them with homes and businesses. This way you will create a wonderful cat city. Not to mention, this game is strangely addictive because of the satisfying gaming experience you get from it.

This is one of the most satisfying hyper-casual games that starts with just one cat and you create a house for it using fish per hour. The currencies in this game are cat grass and fish. You can use these currencies to purchase upgrades for cats and their city. While waiting for your town to generate more fish, you can play hide and seek, and rock-paper-scissors with your cats. You can pet and feed them and even communicate with them using the chat option.

This app is free to use. Moreover, you can easily make your progress in this game without spending any real-world money.

2. Angry Birds 2

Angry birds are one of the most iconic hyper-casual games and are extremely popular among gamers as a casual game. It was landed on mobiles seven years ago and since then users found it helpful in dealing with mood swings in one or another way. This game started as pitting upset (angry) birds while fighting with the green pigs who steal their eggs. Now this game has extended to more thrilling spin-offs and sequels. If you have not played Angry Birds before, you are surely missing real fun in this game.

Every bird owns a unique skill that can ruin evil pigs and restore order. You take part in this sequel and fling birds at obstacles, assist them in boosting their skills using features like Birdquake, or purchase Mighty Eagle to show those pigs who the real boss is.

Just like cats are cute, this game is also addictive for games of all skills level and ages. Angry Birds 2 has come up with a sequel adding more birds, powerup features, and a lot of fun.

3. Glitch Juegos

This arcade game is amazingly designed to make sure you have enough fun while playing the game. Glitch Juegos is a cool game helping you hooked for hours of playing it. Since it involves tickling your brain, we can easily say this is effective to relieve stress and kick off the exhausting feeling of a hectic day. All you need to do is keep your mind focused so you can concentrate to let the character in this game bounce as high as possible. With a focused mind, your only goal in this game is to go as high as possible without disturbing any shapes otherwise you will lose.

This is one of the best offline hyper-casual games that doesn’t cost you a penny. With its cool graphics and immersive sounds, you have an amazing gaming experience. Above all, it starts with your choice since you can choose any character to play with. So, if you are looking for a brain-challenging casual game you must go for it.

4. Rise Up

We all love balloons. Don’t we? In this game, you can satisfy your urge of playing with balloons. In Rise Up, all you need to do is protect your balloons from different hard objects using your fingers. To help balloons fly as high as possible, push away all the obstacles and you are good to go in the game. Apart from helping you in killing your time, this game also provides you with a meditation experience which is not common in other video games. Due to the calm effect, minimalistic graphics, and pale-yellow colors in this game, you feel relaxed and relieved.

Sitting in a waiting room or standing in line won’t feel boring if you have installed such hyper-casual games to keep going with your routine in a relaxed manner. These games have the potential to keep you engaged and entertained by offering arcade challenges and puzzles. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and install your favorite one.

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