Wearable Stress Relief: Newer Devices to Consider

Long-term stress, regardless of the source, can have a negative impact on your sleep and general health. Wearable stress relief can help.

Long-term stress, regardless of the source, can have a negative impact on your sleep and general health. Wearable stress relief can help.

We’re all stressed at times. For many people, stress is a constant companion. There is bad stress, such as working 12 hours a day. Then there is good stress, such as working on an exciting project. Long-term stress, regardless of the source, can have a negative impact on your sleep and general health. Nowadays, wearable stress relief can help anyone reduce their stress wherever they are or whatever they are doing.

There are several ways to relieve stress. Meditation, exercise, and work-life balance can be a winning recipe. However, now you may simply put these solutions on like any other piece of clothing.

Wearables, such as fitness trackers and other devices, can help you improve your everyday activities. In addition, some are even meant to help you sleep better. In general, reducing stress requires life modifications that, whenever possible, include removing the source of the stress. These three wearables should be of assistance to you on your quest.

COVE Wearable

The Cove Wearable looks a lot like one of the bone conduction headphones. The Cove fits behind the head and hooks over your ears.

However, instead of playing music, it employs very subtle vibrations like a very delicate massage. It really helps you relax. According to research, people who wear the device experience a 41% reduction in stress.

The battery lasts more than an hour. This is plenty for your twice-daily workouts. The Cove App can help you in keeping track of your progress. In addition, it can even give reminders if you fail to complete your sessions.

Embr Wave 2 Wearable

The Embr Wave 2 has an adjustable stainless-steel band. It looks a lot like a watch. However, from enhancing sleep quality to relaxing hot flashes to reducing stress, this device claims to be able to do it all.

When it’s hot, it’s amazing to be able to press a button on the device and immediately feel a cooling impact on your wrist. Furthermore, it can be set to either warm or cool. However, the actual temperature — which is adjustable on a sliding scale — is controllable via the app. In addition, it allows you to select different categories such as comfort, stress, sleep, and hot flashes.

You might be wondering if being too cold or too hot has anything to do with stress.

Have you ever noticed how certain people become agitated and begin to sweat as a result? The Embr Wave 2 harnesses the body’s temperature response. After that, it sends thermal signals to the brain to produce the optimal experience. Neat!

Apollo Wearable: Stress Relief on Your Wrist

Another device that you can wear on your wrist is the Apollo Wearable.

Apollo, like Ember and Cove, recognizes the sensitive nerves on the inside of your forehead, your wrist, and the back of your neck. The Apollo wearable, according to their research, transmits relaxing vibrations to the nervous system. These, in turn, affect how we feel through touch.

To be honest, this form of a wearable is very convenient because it eliminates the need to remember to use it. You don’t have to strive to focus or relax. You just put it on. Therefore, just wear it for at least three hours a day, five days a week. This is the recommended amount of treatment.

You have the option of wearing it on your ankle or your wrist. There are several modes to pick from on this device. You can choose modes like “energy” or “social” for instance. However, if you just want to relieve stress, you can choose the relax mode. The Apollo offers a mild vibration that helps you disengage from work thoughts.

Muse S (Gen 2) Headband

The Muse S (Gen 2) is worn behind your ears and around your head. However, it is worn on the front like a headband.

In addition, it has seven sensors. Therefore, you can pick between different meditation types after installing the app. After that, you can adjust the sensors.

What makes this device so intriguing is that those seven sensors can recognize when you’re not focusing. For instance, if you have gone from relaxing to activity. It will then bring you back to your ideal condition.

This makes it especially useful for using biofeedback sleep soundscapes to help you fall asleep.

Withings ScanWatch

Exercising is one technique to relieve stress. However, knowing your health status at any given time is another. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about unforeseen changes.

The Withings ScanWatch makes it possible to accomplish both. It includes an ECG to help you determine your heart rate — and whether it’s normal. In addition, it has an oximeter to measure blood oxygen levels. Furthermore, it measures breathing disturbances while you’re sleeping.

In addition, the watch tracks calories burned as well as distances during activities such as swimming, walking, or hiking. Finally, it also provides you with a sleep score.

UE Fits Earbuds

Music has been shown to help people relax. The UE Fits earbuds are one of the best-fitting wearables available.

They have gel-filled earbud tips for the most comfortable, adjustable fit. You’ll go through the personalization procedure after installing the app. The app uses light to harden each earpiece in 60 seconds.

The earphones are Bluetooth 5.0 and can last up to eight hours on their own. Additionally, they can last up to 28 hours with the charging case. Touch controls are also available for telephone, music, and voice assistants.

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