What is Apple Arcade? Our 3 Favorite Games to Play

Apple Arcade

What is Apple Arcade?

Apple developed a premium gaming service called Apple Arcade. Any user having a device from Apple company can use this premium gaming service after buying a monthly subscription fee. Apple Arcade users can download the games anytime they want with no additional costs. It is a popular gaming service developed for apple users with a significant list of compelling games.

Apple Arcade users need to pay only an amount of 4.99 $ monthly to be able to play those attractive games. Besides, the subscription fee, the users don’t need to pay additional money or even see ads while playing the games. There is no need for in-game purchases as the premium subscription fee covers everything.

You will get an extraordinary thing about the apple arcade subscription. That amazing option is that you can even share your subscription with all its features with up to 6 people using Apple’s Family Sharing Feature

There are many games found on this platform with high-quality graphics. Let’s talk about the three most popular and people-favorite games on the Apple Arcade Platform.

Apple Arcade Favorite Game 1: Alba – A Wildlife Adventure

There are lots of people who love a good adventure game. Alba – A wildlife adventure game is the story of the girl Alba & her friends on their quest for finding enough signatures from people to stop the destruction of the wildlife sanctuary. The game is focused on the Island and the activities of Alba & her wildlife rescue league group to save the local nature reserve by protecting the animals & sanctuary.

This game focuses on the open-world phenomenon which makes the game more immersive and enjoyable. You can roam around in the open world, find people to talk to, help people with different activities like cleanup, rescue wildlife creatures, gain signatures for creating awareness and finally look for an Iberian Lynx. In brief, the game is very entertaining and many players recommend this game to others.

The visual style and plot of the game are praiseworthy. One remarkable thing is that Alba can snap pictures of animals through the phone for the final catalog. It is a beautiful game in terms of the plot & story. You can also recommend this game to the kids for playing as well because of its beautiful message.

Favorite Game 2:  The Pathless

The pathless is another popular action-adventure game on the Apple arcade platform. The game features the main character “Hunter” actively moving around in the gaming world trying to stop a curse that is actively threatening their world. In the game, you need to do certain activities and puzzles to move forward toward your goal. An eagle accompanies the Hunter of the game and helps the hunter with different activities during the journey.

Moreover, the main character often has to confront other dark spirits, so the game has fighting actions. Also, the player can use “stealth” to stay hidden from the spirits at certain times. Unlike other open-world games, this game doesn’t provide a mini-map. Rather, the player has to use “Spirit Vision” to find places of interest to visit.

It’s a different type of game than people are used to playing. The plot of the game is unique and fascinating to boot. The players can play the game via iPad, iPhone, etc. The gaming mechanism is easy and comfortable to play. Moreover, the archery skills of the main character are amusing for gamers.

Apple Arcade Favorite Game 3: The Last Campfire

The Last Campfire is a puzzle-type game that features the main character “Ember”. Ember has to solve different puzzles to help fellow souls to find their purpose in their life again. The player has to solve the puzzles to unlock new paths for finding more lost souls and unlocking more story events. The graphics quality of the game is good and attractive.

The game also features an “Explore Mode” which removes most of the puzzles, so that the players can just explore and enjoy the game. The explore mode is suitable for players just wanting to relax without using brain power. The game has received positive feedback and reviews. Moreover, different publications also have scored the game with high scores. The high scores represent the quality of the plot, the quality of the graphics, and good & comfortable gameplay.

Final Remarks

Apple Arcade provides many beautiful games to premium subscribers. Numerous games possess unique plots, good-quality graphics, and immersing gameplay. The games mentioned in this article are all popular among players because the games have different alluring elements. So, with so many attractive games on the apple arcade platform, everyone should try those games out. A great deal of those games is deep. You can spend your time without feeling bored playing those games.

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