What is the Nerdle game: How to play

nerdle game

Many people around the globe are obsessed with different online games. You may have heard of different online games like Wordle, Dordle, Quordle, and Nerdle. All these online games have their own set of rules. A game with the toughest rules is extremely difficult to play. There is no doubt that these games are attracting millions of users worldwide. These games are even on trend on different social media platforms. Developers of some digital games also provide you with an option to share the results of your games on social media sites. By sharing results on different networking sites, people compare their progress in these games with their friends and relatives. We are not wrong when we say that the Nerdle game is trending number one on these sites these days.

What Is This New Mind-Blowing Online Puzzle?

Nerdle game is one such online game that is liked by people of all ages. You can say that is the advanced version of the Wordle game. Even the developer of this game has taken its concept from the wordle game. We can also say that Nerdle is the mathematical version of the Wordle game. In the Wordle game, you have to guess the English alphabet to make a correct word. In the case of Nerdle, you have to figure out the right mathematical operation by playing with numbers. You choose different numbers and apply different operations like multiplications, divisions, addition, and subtraction to find out the exact answer to the puzzle. In this puzzle, equal to is used to equal both sides of the operation.

Purpose of Richard in Developing Nerdle

Nerdle game development is an example of a father’s true love for her daughter. Richard Mann developed this game while he was playing Wordle with his 14-years old daughter Imogen Mann. Her daughter wished to have a game like Wordle for math nerds. Thus, Richard Mann, his daughter Imogen Mann and his son Alex Mann worked on this idea and then came up with this lovely math puzzle.

How To Play The Nerdle Game?

As this game is more difficult than most other online games, its rules are somewhat more complex and rigid.

  • Being a math puzzle, this game deals with numbers.
  • The player has to make guesses and each of the guesses is a calculation.
  • The numbers which the player can use range from 0 to 9.
  • Moreover, the puzzle must include the sign of equal to (=). The calculations are allowed only on the left side of the equal to. On the right side of equal to, the calculations are not allowed to operate. Only numbers can be typed and guessed on the right side of =.
  • As the player uses different operations to solve this difficult puzzle, these operations can be multiplication (*), addition (+), subtraction (-), and division (\).
  • This game also allows the users to turn on and turn off the commutative answers by clicking the option of settings. Commutative answers are those answers in which order does not matter. For example, if you guess the puzzle as 40+60=100. This is the one way of writing this answer. But the order of the correct answer in the Nerdle puzzle is 60+40=100. Unless you don’t turn off the option of accepting commutative answers, your answer will be considered true as per this puzzle’s rules.

Size of Puzzle

This puzzle has 8 boxes in one row and there are 6 such rows in the complete Nerdle puzzle. So, the user has to fill each row and press the Enter button and then move on to the next row.

What Do Different Colors Mean in Nerdle Puzzle?

Puzzle box in this game shows different colors when you press the Enter button to get the results. These colors include green, purple, and black. The green color means that your answer is the accurate one and you are good to go in the next row of the puzzle. It also means that both the number and the position of the number in the box are correct. The purple color means that the number is exact but it is not in the right place. Your guess about the number is correct but the guess about the position of the box for that number is wrong. The black color means that both the number and the spot of the number in the box are irrelevant.

Who Can Play Nerdle Free of Cost?

Anyone can play Nerdle game free of cost. The good news is that there is no fee for playing this game. You just need a sharp mind and time to enjoy this fun game. Just go on a web browser and click on Nerdle.com to play this game without any hidden charges. One can also add a shortcut to this game on the home screen of a mobile to access the game page hurriedly.

Benefits of Nerdle Game

Not to mention that these online games have many benefits for the players as well. They help people to sharpen their minds and thinking power. These games help people to improve synaptic connections in the brain. In the same way, Nerdle game also helps in boosting the mathematical ability and reasoning power of the users. As you know that the most intelligent people are those who are good at numbers. So, Nerdle serves this purpose and makes you good at playing with numbers.

In a nutshell, just open a web browser and go to nerdle.com to enjoy the mystery of this exciting puzzle right now.

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