Bathroom Tech: Sensible (Cool) Smart Home Gadgets

Check out the bathroom tech that's making life more comfortable, from an Alexa-enabled smart mirror to a digitally configured shower system.

Check out the bathroom tech that’s making life more comfortable, from an Alexa-enabled smart mirror to a digitally configured shower system.

Technology is becoming increasingly integrated into our lives. Therefore, many manufacturers believe it is critical for them to make everyday home items more comfortable and pleasurable for consumers. Bathroom tech is no exception.

Therefore, Moen and Kohler have both been working on innovations. They are working to give even more specialized solutions in the kitchen and bathroom.

They are creating things such as hands-free faucets. In addition, they have been working on smart speakers with better sound quality for music in the shower. In addition, they now also have a line of cutting-edge smart toilets that improve bathroom comfort.

Here we will discuss some of the most cutting-edge bathroom equipment available.

Moxie Showerhead + Smart Speaker: Bathroom Tech at its Best

The design of this performance shower is combined with the powerful sound of a Harman Kardon speaker.

This is a unique showerhead/smart-speaker mashup. It has a portable smart speaker that syncs with Bluetooth-enabled devices. In addition, the showerhead provides a wide coverage spray while also bringing the benefits of linked bathroom technology.

The portable in-shower smart speaker is magnetically attached to the showerhead. This allows you to pull it out and use it anywhere in the house or on the go.

The Verdera Voice Lighted Bathroom Mirror

This award-winning mirror contains an integrated, Amazon Alexa-enabled stereo sound system with a microphone.

This allows the homeowner to ask it to play music. In addition, you could request a weather update. Further, you might want to listen to the news or operate some other smart-home device. All of this is possible with this mirror.

The mirror includes a motion-activated guiding nightlight. In addition, it has efficient, adjustable LED lights for precision activities like applying makeup.

The Amazon Alexa-enabled Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet: Bathroom Tech at the Next Level

Numi is Kohler’s most advanced smart toilet.

It has water-saving features in addition to customized washing and drying functions. Further, it has a heated seat, and it even has high-quality built-in speakers.

Additionally, it contains dynamic multicolored ambient lighting and audio upgrades. This definitely provides homeowners with a one-of-a-kind experience. Users may use their voices to control all of Numi’s features.

DTV+ Shower System: Ultimate Control

The DTV+ touch-screen interface allows you to control and modify every aspect of the shower. This includes steam, water, lighting, and sound. This allows you to create a spa-like experience for any preference and household member.

To access presets, make changes, or use water-saving features, simply add the Kohler Konnect app for voice and app control.

The DTV Mode provides simple push-button control of Kohler’s digital shower. It has an integrated temperature dial that the homeowner can install in the shower.

DTV Mode comes in three different variations: dual shower, bath/shower, and bath only. All from the app, a homeowner may build personalized bath presets. In addition, they can modify the maximum temperature for improved safety. Further, they can even start the shower or bath remotely.

The Moen Network: Award-Winning Bathroom Tech and Security

This is a new whole-home smart water ecosystem. It contains Moen Smart Shower’s voice-activated, app-based technology. This was initially deployed in the United States.

Kitchen and bath fixtures, as well as a home water monitoring security system, are all part of the Moen Network. A homeowner can, for example, use their smartphone to start the shower or command the kitchen faucet to fill a pot with a specified amount of water.

Flo by Moen: Smart Water Detectors

This smart-home water monitoring security system allows homeowners to monitor water usage. In addition, it allows them to identify and prevent catastrophic leaks. All this is done from their smartphone.

The 3.5-inch smart water detectors can be installed in sections of the home that are prone to water damage. These might be places like the laundry, the basement, or the attic. The device will notify the homeowner via the Flo by Moen app if it detects a leak or wetness.

Furthermore, the Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff links to the home’s main water supply. This allows homeowners to proactively monitor and shut off the home’s water supply system. This will help prevent damage.

Homeowners can personalize their mornings with the U by Moen Smart Shower. It connects to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or to Siri. Through the smartphone app or the in-shower controller, the system allows for up to 12 presets. Additionally, this includes shower time and temperature adjustment.

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