Make Scheduling Easy With Calendar and Planner Apps

Calendar and planner apps

Calendar and planner apps offer a significant benefit over traditional paper planners in that they keep your calendar organized even if your schedule changes. A versatile calendar tool comes in handy when organizing schedules for yourself, your business, and your family. A digital calendar that interacts with your organizational apps comes in handy whether you […]

The Best Android Office Apps – The Sweetest of the Suites

Best Android Office Apps

Without the existence of office apps, the approach to a productive to-do list is insufficient. It’s usually a hassle to prepare important documents, generate spreadsheets, and save those documents from accidental deletion using office software. There are numerous advantages to using such apps. Sharing, backup, and productivity are all made easier thanks to a number […]

Top Scanning Apps for iPhone and Android

Many traditional tools that were once large and bulky have made a digital transition such that they are no longer rendered an inconvenience to use. From telephones to calculators, the combination of mobile phones and apps have made them convenient and accessible no matter where the user may be. A prime example of this is scanners which is often regarded as one of the most stationary devices. With the introduction of mobile phones, scanners have made significant strides in terms of digital development as many apps aim to not only scan documents, but also process and manipulate them in advanced ways. As camera technology continues to improve in quality and speed, users are now able to use various apps to scan their documents to store, send, and edit while on-the-go. Given the vastness of mobile scanning apps that are available, this article discusses the best ones for a range of purposes.

The Best PDF Reading, PDF Editing, and PDF Scanning Apps You Must Have on your iPhone to Speed Up and Simplify your Workflow

As it pertains to text documents, PDF is one of the most commonly used file formats. Whether it’s a contract or some other type of legal document requiring your annotations or your digital signature, an e-book or a user manual you want to read, or the sheet music of a song you’ve written you want to scan, PDF reading, PDF editing, and PDF scanning iPhone apps come in handy in several situations. To ensure that you have all the necessary tools to ace the entire spectrum of PDF-related tasks, we have gathered up a multifarious compilation enlisting the PDF reading, PDF editing, and PDF scanning apps you must have on your iPhone to increase your efficiency and make your life easier.

The Best To-Do List Apps All Avid List Makers and Busy People Must Have on their iPhone

You know you’ve arrived when you have no choice but to start making to-do-lists! Or maybe you just have way too much on your shoulder. We kid, we kid, especially because to-do-lists should not be made fun of, as they provide priceless assistance in navigating heavy workloads and busy schedules, reminding us of looming deadlines most of us are prone to forget.

The Curious Case of Newton Mail, the Artist Formerly Known As CloudMagic

Finding a third-party e-mail client providing all the services you need can be a tall task, especially if you’re looking for a free-of-charge app capable of handling a high-volume e-mail traffic on a daily basis with exceptional precision. CloudMagic has been among the best options on the market, though its zigzagging between being free and introducing a monthly subscription plan then becoming fully free-of-charge again was confusing, to say the least, then its recent rebranding made things even worse by dropping the bomb of an astronomical per annum fee.

9 Apps for Printing Photos Directly from your iPhone!

Since day one of having my iPhone (back in the 2g days) I have been an iphotographer. Now that I have the latest iPhone and apps like Instagram and others that allow me to filter and crop my photos I have some pretty nice photos living on my phone. Most of these photos make their way onto Facebook – and when I remember they are backed up on my computer. But I had never thought to look for apps that would allow me to print directly from the phone. Any app that can save me the step of iPhone to computer to XYZ wins cool points in my book! And so, I’m excited to present you with 9 apps that will help you order real life prints of your photos. Have I missed any?

To do app with task sorting algorithm for kids

Todogorithm is used just as any other todo-list would be used. But there is a twist with this application: after inputting some information about a task it uses a custom algorithm to show the most important tasks for the day. The target audience would primarily be school age kids who are trying to organize all their tasks […]