Must-Have Apps For Hikes and Adventures

hiking and adventure

We all love adventures and exploring the unknown once in a while. Undoubtedly, such activities are also beneficial for our physical as well as mental health. Hiking is a perfect thing you can do to relax your mind and body. Believe it or not, there is no better way to interact with nature than hiking […]

Roterra – A Real Head Turner

Roterra’s the new big puzzler on the block. It’s got marvelous ambition and a great gameplay conceit, but does it threaten to fall flat in some areas?

The 10 Greatest Mobile Games of 2018 (That You Absolutely Need for 2019!)

It’s that time again – let’s ring in the new year with the best of 2018! These apps were handpicked by our staff as the best of the best; the pinnacle of their genre that stuck with us long after playing. Whether playing on Android or iOS, you need these installed on your phone and tablet. Without further adieu…

A Maniac Mansion For All – Stranger Cases Review

The hidden object genre is peculiar. It’s perfect accessible for many, capturing a lot of classic adventure game themes, but is often eschewed as niche; which is what brings us to Stranger Cases, a game aiming to change that with a free-to-play, all-ages hidden object puzzler.

On a Roll – Donut County Review

Donut County is remarkable. Donut County arrested my attention so much that I accidentally burnt my dinner. Donut County is so good that I played it start to finish in one evening. Donut County is what mobile ports of PC games should aspire to be. I suppose you could say, I rather enjoyed Donut County. […]