DROP EXPECTED: Under 400 new cases in Victoria after shock virus spike

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Benjamin Graham

South Australians will not be able to return home from Victoria unless they are essential travellers, starting at one minute past midnight tonight.

From that time, they will be able to apply for a cross-border permit to cross back and forth, but only if they live within 40km of the border.

"Cross Border Community Members" may only move between Victoria and South Australia for the following reasons;

Employment or education;Providing or receiving care and support; andObtaining food, fuel, supplies or medical care

A Victorian Cross Border Community Member must not travel more than 40 km into South Australia.

A South Australian Cross Border Community Member who travels more than 40 km into Victoria must complete 14 days quarantine upon returning to South Australia.

Benjamin Graham

We've heard that Scott Morrison will be holding a press conference within the next hour.

We'll bring you the key details here on the blog.

We haven't had official confirmation on the Victorian Premier's conference yet, but we'll let you know when we do.

Benjamin Graham

Victoria is expected to record just under 400 new coronavirus cases today, after a record number of cases was announced on Monday.

The Herald Sun is reporting the ballpark figure and the ABC it is saying today's tally is roughly 380 cases, which if confirmed would be a substantial drop from yesterday's 532 confirmed cases.

Victoria's chief health officer Dr Brett Sutton said on Monday he hoped the state had hit its peak.

“Modelling with our effective reproductive number that I have seen most recently suggests that today should be the peak,” Dr Sutton told reporters.

“Now I'm not going to sit back and say today is the peak. We have to see what happens in coming days. But driving that effective reproduction number down below one is the thing that will start to see numbers drop. And as numbers drop, outbreaks drop.”

Benjamin Graham

Authorities have pleaded with Black Lives Matter protesters to not go ahead with today’s rally in Sydney.

More than 1000 people have indicated on Facebook that they will attend the Sydney event, despite the organisers losing an appeal in court.

In perhaps the strongest warning yet, the Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt says those attending "could be taking somebody’s life".

“No matter the absolute nobility of the cause, the means of meeting at this moment in our history, with a pandemic afoot, is inappropriate and dangerous,” Mr Hunt told the ABC.

“I could not be clearer. Please, do not go. Express your views on social media, a silent vigil outside your place of residence, whatever other means, but not gathering in large groups.”

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Benjamin Graham

A virus-hit aged care home in in Melbourne’s northern suburbs is facing calls to be shut down as cases there continue to mount.

There are 84 cases linked to St Basil’s at Fawkner.

Some 79 of 115 residents have been transferred out of the facility, but families say they fear for the welfare of loved ones remaining.

“The place has got to be shut down. It’s unsafe,” Tony Papantoniou told The Age.

His 91-year-old mother, Maria, was treated in hospital for coronavirus at the weekend.

Now the aged care quality and safety commissioner has been asked to investigate and has served a notice on the home.

“We have stepped in and taken control and responsibility at federal level,” Health Minister Greg Hunt told the ABC on Tuesday.

All staff at the facility have been told to self isolate and emergency replacements brought in.

“Our role is to make sure all the remaining residents are safe, and the advice that I had as of late last night and early this morning is that the conditions are stable,” he said.

“What could have been an extraordinary, catastrophic situation – actions have been taken.”

Picture by NCA NewsWire / David Crosling

Benjamin Graham

Karl Stefanovic has ranted at an anti-masker and shut down a live interview, saying he he couldn't stand to listen to her.

Conspiracy theorist Lizzy Rose, who filmed herself antagonising Bunnings staff who asked her to wear a mask, appeared on the Today show just now.

Ms Rose, who has been a "professional working psychic since nine years old", told the show she believes the virus is being "bio-chemically engineered intentionally".

She asked Mr Stefanovic how he knows that the 700 people diagnosed in Victoria's care homes actually have COVID.

"It is medically diagnosed," he said, before launching into a rant.

"You have exposed all these weird whacko beliefs and unfortunately people out there that will believe you and side with you that is irresponsible in this current climate," he said. "I can't listen to you any more."

Ms Rose tried to speak but her microphone was turned off.

"It's wrong, I'm sorry. I thought that we would in some way shape or form get to a reasonable excuse as to why she was doing that," Mr Stefanovic said. "Otherwise we wouldn't have got her on in the first place. There is no reasonable explanation, none.

"I am over it. Everyone is in lockdown. We have had people on our show who are losing loved ones and they have to say goodbye to their loved ones with FaceTime. It's actually so upsetting.

"Then we have someone like that who goes in and it is all very difficult for everyone, especially in a working environment like Bunnings.

"They have to put up with the public coming in and there she is. I thought that there is some sense from her but there is none.

"I apologise from the outset if I was too strong with her but there is no place for that in our environment."

Benjamin Graham

Daniel Andrews and his most senior ministers will be grilled over their handling of the coronavirus crisis before a parliamentary committee.

The Herald Sun reports Mr Andrews will be the first witness called when the second sitting of the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee resumes its COVID-19 Inquiry hearings next month.

He appeared at the hearing in May when the state’s total number of coronavirus cases was about one sixth of the current total.

Back then, 18 Victorians had died compared to the current death toll of 77.

Benjamin Graham

A baby is fighting for its life at Melbourne's Royal Children’s Hospital.

A coronavirus outbreak emerged at the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit – where the state’s most fragile and premature babies receive lifesaving care.

The cases are two parents, one patient and a healthcare worker.

Professor Sutton said all babies, staff and parents, including any staff who had spent more than two hours on Butterfly Ward since July 12 would be tested.

The cases were recorded among 532 new cases announced on Monday, the state’s worst day of the pandemic.

Benjamin Graham

Bill Shorten has revealed his neighbour practically vanished for five days before dying of the coronavirus, and his family had no way of saying goodbye to him.

The 92-year-old called Theo, who was looking after his adult son with an impairment, lived two doors down from Mr Shorten.

Mr Shorten told Today Theo's daughter called him and told him; "I'm just out of luck. I cannot find what has happened to my father for five days".

Theo went into St Basil’s care home on July 7, one day before it was locked down.

Theo's family didn't know where he was for five days.

But for the five days between Tuesday of last week to Saturday, his family heard nothing.

"They couldn't tell them if he was alive or had passed away, where he was – hospital or in the aged care facility," Mr Shorten said.

"Then Saturday afternoon, late afternoon, Rita finally got a call and it was the news that she didn't want to hear, that he'd passed. It is wrong."

Mr Shorten said Theo was a "lovely fellow", who would always say g'day.

"He lived at the corner of the roundabout, we lived two doors down. He'd always say hello. He loved his family," he said.

"Anyway, he's not the only person. I think Theo's family, it is not just about him.

"Now we've got, in aged care, the problems and loss of life, Menarock facility in Essendon which we spoke about a couple of weeks ago, they've had five fatalities in my electorate.

"Aged care, it's not just COVID-19. Aged care hasn't been working properly, there's a lot of great people in the system but something's fundamentally wrong. It's understaffed, underloved and underfunded."

Benjamin Graham

There are now at least 58 schools closed across Victoria after links to coronavirus infections.

The Department of Education has published a full list of the closures which mostly impact Melbourne’s north and west.

One of the them is the Keilor Downs College, which was forced to shut on Monday for the third time this year.

Other new closures included Melbourne Girls’ College in Richmond, Auburn High School in Hawthorn East, Cheltenham Secondary College, Epping Secondary College and Gisborne Secondary College.

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