Faith-Based Apps to Help You Stay on the Path

Having a tough day...with no time to soak in the Word? Here are five faith-based apps that can help you get through those difficult times.

Having a tough day…with no time to soak in the Word? Here are five faith-based apps that can help you get through those difficult times.

Perhaps things aren’t going quite right today. Someone has wronged you, or things at work are not going as smoothly as they should be right now. Because we are unable to live our lives inside a church, technology can serve as a safety net. It can help out when you are unable pull out your Bible or a devotional. Perhaps you’ve had a heated disagreement or you simply need the Word of God right now. Faith-based apps can be a useful tool in between meetings.

Consider turning your day around before you get to the end of your rope. Don’t allow a terrible event to dictate the rest of the day. These five apps can come in handy when you’re in a bind.

T.D. Jakes Bible App: The Comprehensive Faith-Based App

The senior pastor of The Potter’s House of Dallas takes users through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, complete with study notes. The interaction includes interesting methods. There are features like the use of celebrities to read passages from the Bible. This app’s audio Bible feature brings significant passages and well-known stories to life. It does so in a vibrant and engaging way. Furthermore, it is distinguished by its unique way of assembling a worldwide cast of award-winning actors, famous people, musicians, and members of the church.

Life.Church Bible App

This is the most popular Bible-based app. There are more than 100 million downloads to date. Therefore, it’s the most popular in its category. In addition, you can share a Scripture with others on social media, read, become a member of a community, listen to, and underline passages from Scripture. Furthermore, there are resources available to assist you in developing a plan of action for each day and the year.

Love Out Loud: Get Your Devotional Here

Making time to read a devotional might be difficult, and the publishing business has recognized this by releasing an app to go along with books. Joyce Meyer’s Love Out Loud Devotional and her iconic Battlefield of the Mind app, are both based on her books of the same name. These include devotional elements as well as Scripture passages that you can use. This is particularly useful when you need to refuel your spiritual tank.

The Purpose Driven Life: Devotional App

Adapted from best-selling pastor Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose Driven Life, comes a devotional app. It’s designed to provide people with hope, encouragement, and direction in their lives. There are additional video alternatives and study tips available on the app.

The Pope App: Yes, the Pope has an app!

You can keep up with Pope Francis by listening to his speeches or watching videos of him. In addition, you can follow the inspirational leader on social media. Further, take a look at the Catholic Church App, which is a comprehensive app. This covers news from the Vatican and the Catholic News Service, amongst other sources.

Conclusions and Admonitions

We will get nowhere if we do not act on our faith. When you’re having a hard day or feeling betrayed, use apps or any other tool to assist you to get through it. Take time to read the Bible every day, even on the best of days.

Life may be difficult at times. However, keep a positive attitude. He is with you all the time. No one will ever be able to change this. When it seems like you want to give up, that’s when it’s time to look up.

Take one day at a time. However, we must also take one moment at a time. Taking time to savor each moment, each breath, helps us to recognize the source of that breath.

As you do so, also take the time to look around.  There may be someone who is having a tough time as well.  Reach out to them. Smile and show them the light in your face and in your heart. When you share your light, more light comes to you. Here’s a few verses of Scripture to help you focus on your faith right now.

Psalm 27:1
The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?
The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

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