The Best Apps for Speech Therapy

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Individuals can experience communication problems because of brain damage, autism, or other reasons like speech delay in toddlers. Fortunately, you can help improve the communication skills of such kids or adults using the best apps for speech therapy. While it is necessary to limit the screen time of young children, we cannot deny its effectiveness and versatility.

You can try these apps to develop communication skills by encouraging the growth of language for your kids during their speech therapy sessions. Scroll down to know the best apps for speech therapy and select one that meets your needs.

What Are the Best Apps for Speech Therapy?

Articulation Station

It is one of the best apps designed for young children to practice pronouncing different sounds. This comprehensive articulation app allows its users to words and sentences in 22 different sounds. These sounds target three positions of words including initial, medial, and final. Moreover, 60 target words are included in these sounds. You can select any of the six different practice activities provided in the program:

  • Matching game
  • Unique sentences
  • Flashcards (practice words with pictures)
  • Rotating sentences
  • Level 1 stories (containing short and silly rhymes)
  • Level 2 stories (including short and creative stories)

As a bonus, you can create flashcards according to your child’s needs. This amazing app is free and the iOS version is available.

Splingo (Best for Toddlers)

This application offers 4 levels of learning foundational understanding of language to kids. What includes it among the best apps for speech therapy is its feature of an interactive game with aliens.

This app focuses on different parts of speech such as nouns, adjectives, verbs, and prepositions. Additionally, this program is designed for early language development as well as for complex levels. This is a free app with an add-on to purchase and is available for iOS.

Conversation Therapy (Perfect App for Adults)

It is one of the best apps for speech therapy as it boosts skills of communication in conversation. Users with disabilities and injuries can learn conversational give-and-take using this application. Moreover, this app is designed with the purpose of sparking conversation between small and large groups of people. It can be an excellent addition for individuals with language impairment, stroke survivors, persons with Autism, traumatic brain injury, dementia, Alzheimer, or Asperger’s.

The program encompasses more than 300 pictures and each picture includes 10 questions. Apart from this, it features 10 languages such as Spanish, French, Zulu, Dutch, English, Portuguese, Filipino, Finnish, German, and Italian. Fortunately, it is available on both iOS and Android.

LAMP Words for Life (for Autistic children)

This app focuses on developing conversation for autistic children and features symbols to develop verbal communication. It provides a systematic way and a consistent motor pattern to learn speech and communication skills.

This app offers unlimited language growth opportunities and three levels of vocabulary. The levels included are introductory, transition, and full vocabulary (more than 3,000 words).

It is considered one of the best apps for speech therapy for beginners and autistic children because of its symbol-based approach. There are partitions of verbs, nouns, and adjectives on each picture symbol. It costs $299.99 and is compatible with iPad and iOS11.

DAF Pro (for Stuttering)

This is specifically designed for individuals with neurological disorders and for those who stutter. These features make DAF Pro a good choice for correcting speech among users. It has a recorded playback feature that allows you to slow down, understand how to alter your speech, and eventually speak more clearly.

Originally, this application is for stutters and also a good choice for people with neurological disorders like Parkinson’s. It is among the best apps for speech therapy to help fast speakers to speak more slowly.

This tool allows you to record your voice and then listen to it in an altered manner. Ding this will disrupt your normal auditory feedback loop and remind you to slow down your speech.

Naming Therapy (Designed for Stroke Patients)

This app contains flashcards and practice drills. Hence, it assists stroke patients to match names to different places, things, and persons making them recover their ability of naming. As you know stroke victims contend with the most challenging task: anomia (unable to recall names of everyday objects and people). This program aims to tackle this arduous situation.

We included it among the best apps for speech therapy because of its amazing features. It comes with four parts: Describe, Flashcards, Naming Practice, and Naming Test making it an excellent choice for individuals with mild language problems.

The price of this tool is $24.99 and is compatible with both iOS and Android.


We enlisted great apps for speech therapy to improve communication skills. Articulation Station and Splingo offer kid-friendly instructions and are fun platforms for children with speech delays. On the other hand, Conversation Therapy is an excellent choice for adults with some kind of medical conditions or developmental delays. Likewise, Naming Therapy can help stroke patients rebuild their vocabulary.

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