Working Out Too Much Could Have These Negative Effects

working out too intensively

All of us are aware of the positive aspects of working out. Exercising regularly is extremely beneficial for your body as it helps regulate your blood flow – providing sufficient oxygen for your organs to function better.

However, in the same vein as the quote “excess of everything is bad “- working out too much can have negative effects on your body. In this blog, we have compiled a list of problems that you can deal with if you exercise excessively.

Chronic Injuries

You may have seen several videos of people getting injured while working out in the gym. It happens mostly for two reasons. First, when you do not rest your body after a series of workouts. And second, when you use weights that your body is unable to sustain.

It is extremely important for you to remember that you build your stamina over time with the help of exercise. Therefore, in the first few weeks of your gym journey, you cannot expect to lift 100 KG dumbbells. Instead, start with five kg and then move towards your end goal. However, if you overutilize your body muscles and organs to exercise, you can suffer from chronic injuries that can cause permanent aches in your body leading to overtraining syndrome (OTS).

Sore Muscles

Sore muscles are a very common phenomena that happen whenever one exercises for the first time. However, if you overutilize your body while working out, then the muscles suffer from soreness and remain that way for a longer period of time making your body feel stiffer. However, in an ideal case, your body aches should recover within a day or two.

Low Stamina

Yes, this sounds like a myth but overexploitation of your body muscles while working out can lead to low stamina. It happens because the muscles get fatigued over time due to excessive exercising and develop low reaction times leading to low stamina in the long run.

Therefore, if anyone is aiming to become an athlete in the future, then make sure that you progress slowly and steadily rather than going hard on the exercise. As it can do more harm than good for your end goal.

Low Energy Levels

Similar to low stamina, training excessively can also lead to low energy levels as your body is used beyond its capacity. Therefore due to over-exercising and working out, your energy levels drop excessively over time.

Instead of getting a boost of energy after the workout, you will feel more lethargic because the body will get exhausted due to the exercise routine.

Darker Urine

When you work out excessively, your body loses quite a bit of water through sweat. Therefore, you may find yourself dehydrated, causing your urine to be an amber color. If this happens, take a rest and drink water immediately. Also, the body muscles are stretched extensively during a workout session, the muscles can burst and the blood gets drained into the urine. Therefore, if you are experiencing muscle aches along with darker urine (brownish) then you should immediately seek help and stop the workout routine for some while.

Cardiac Problems

Another negative effect of working out excessively is that increased stress during a workout can lead to different cardiac problems. In doing this, you subject your heart to excessive pumping which leads to cardiac problems. It is because when the body is going through a workout routine, It pumps more blood leading to excessive activity of the heart which can have serious repercussions for your cardiac health.

Joint Aches

Apart from the negative repercussions on your cardiac health, working out excessively can also lead to joint aches. Studies show that due to excessive exercising, your joints are more prone to develop arthritis-related joint pains.

On top of this, arthritis is a chronic problem that takes a lot of effort to mitigate. Therefore, if you feel that your body is feeling stiff due to a new workout routine and after resting, your body is still stiff. It is a sign that the workout routine is not healthy for your body and can lead to chronic muscle aches in the future.

Irregular Period Cycle

Women have to face more repercussions of an excessive workout than men. For example, exercising too much can lead to certain hormonal changes. These changes can lead to irregular menstrual cycles in women. For example, you can experience more bleeding or bleeding than normal which can lead to excessive cramps. Therefore, women potentially should consult a professional before embarking on a workout journey.

Balance is an important ingredient of a healthy lifestyle. Be it dieting or exercising, anything that is more than your body’s endurance can cause problems. For example, working out excessively can lead to cardiac problems. Apart from this, excessive workouts can also make your body prone to arthritis.

Similarly, women can face irregular periods because of overwhelming workout routines. Doing cardio and other exercises for quick weight loss won’t help. You need to keep a healthy balance in your workout routine. Therefore, you should adapt to a balanced approach to your fitness journey to avoid these complications in the future.

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