Colony Battle for iOS and Android: Hive Mentality

Colony Battle Is Available for iOS and Android Phones

Colony Battle is a new mobile real-time strategy game for iOS and Android. The game is made up of increasingly difficult levels with the goal of conquering enemy colonies. Bigger colonies grow ants faster, so strategic decisions need to be made in order to be successful. There are three major game modes in Colony Battle. […]

Top 7 Artificial Intelligence Apps

Top 7 Artificial Intelligence Apps

Smartphones equipped with artificial intelligence apps take note of our usage data and behavior patterns to make suggestions and automate mundane tasks.

Spanish Quest App: Practice Your Spanish

Spanish Quest App main

The Spanish Quest app is a trivia-based game that helps you practice your Spanish while learning some typical Spanish recipes. It’s available for Android and iOS devices. How does the Spanish Quest app work? You begin by clicking on the dice on the top left corner, which will show you the squares you’re allowed to […]