Improve Your Apple Music Experience – 7 Apps

Improve Apple Music Experience

Even if you’re a fan of Apple Music, you’ve likely had some issues with your iPhone’s stock music app. Created to make it easier for customers to listen to songs purchased from iTunes, Apple Music came with numerous issues. For example, the app can be sluggish and unreliable at times, and it lacks advanced playlist filtering tools.

If these issues concern you, you’ll be relieved to learn about these apps that can improve your Apple Music experience. Here’s a list of some of the best third-party music players that provide enhanced Apple Music features:


1. Improve Your Apple Music Experience With Soor

Soor was one of the earliest Apple Music player apps to hit the App Store, and it’s still going strong. Magic Mix, Soor’s finest feature, gives you a Siri Shortcuts-like UI for creating personalized playlists.

In addition, you can choose songs from a variety of sources. You can pick from genres, downloaded songs from your collection, Apple Music playlists, and others. Then quickly make a playlist by combining your choices with criteria such as release date, artist, or duration.

Further, Magic Mix allows you to generate a 16-hour playlist in around 10 minutes. With the basic Apple Music app on the iPhone, it would take hours.

Soor is available for iOS ($6.99).


2. Cs Music Player

Cs Music Player is a wonderful alternative if you want a player that focuses solely on your music. This app offers easy-to-use tabs for displaying albums, songs, playlists, and artists from your library. If you’ve bought a lot of songs from iTunes, you can use this player without having an Apple Music subscription.

The caveat is you can’t add new music to Cs Music Player; instead, you’ll still have to use Apple Music. This is inconvenient, especially if you’ve added only certain songs from an album to your library. You may end up having several albums with missing songs.

Cs Music Player also allows you to search for songs within playlists. This is a feature the stock Apple Music app currently lacks. However, it would be even better if you could also search within albums.

It will take some back-and-forth to get the most out of Cs Music Player, but can be worth it for the additional features.

Cs Music Player is available for iOS ($2.99).

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3. Improve Your Apple Music Experience With Marvis Pro

Marvis Pro is an Apple Music app that allows you to customize your home screen. It features a great interface that is free of the clutter that makes using the stock Apple Music app difficult. By default, the app focuses on your music library, however, you may customize it for better music discovery.

One of Marvis Pro’s biggest features is the option to customize the home screen. Apple Music radio stations, Apple Music playlists, and songs from your collection can all be added as sections.

In addition, the player in Marvis Pro is excellent. It has a lovely volume bar directly above the Home Bar on your iPhone. The player also features quick access to the artist’s page, song rating, and album.

Marvis Pro is available for iOS ($5.99).


4. Longplay – An Apple Music Player That Lets You Focus On Albums

Do you prefer listening to complete albums? If you have multiple albums in your collection without a single bad song on them, LongPlay is for you. It excels at ensuring that albums like this are heard in their entirety.

When you first start the app, you’ll see a variety of album covers from which to choose. You may either tap an album to listen to it or swipe right to display useful sorting choices. In addition, you can quickly conceal all playlists from the app, allowing you to focus on the album experience.

Because it doesn’t have a music player, the app is a little basic in some aspects, however, that’s by design. You may skip tracks or play and pause by long-pressing the album image. It also displays some useful statistics, such as how long you’ve spent listening to each album.

LongPlay is available for iOS ($3.99).


5. Create Better Playlists on Apple Music With Miximum

Miximum allows you to create larger playlists by combining your favorite Apple Music playlists. You can queue many playlists in the standard Apple Music app, however, in some cases, it’s better to combine them.

In addition, it can make fresh mixes by combining as many of your playlists as you desire. You may also tell it to remove or include songs based on play numbers or explicit labels.

Miximum is available for iOS ($1.99).


6. Next – Use It To Improve Your Apple Music Experience

If you despise making playlists and want an app to do the work for you, Next is the app for you. Magic DJ is a function that makes beautiful playlists based on the music you’ve listened to on Apple Music. The Forgotten Songs playlist is a fantastic feature since it does exactly what it’s supposed to.

In addition, next builds playlists depending on genres. However, Next isn’t ideal for discovering new music on the go. Nevertheless, if your music library is extensive and you’re frequently unable to play your favorites, this app is handy.

Next is available on iOS ($4.99).


7. PlayTally – Keep Track of Your Apple Music Statistics

Have you ever had a use for precise Apple Music statistics? PlayTally is the app that will fulfill your wish. It displays valuable statistics such as the amount of time spent listening to music over a selected period.

It also features Apple Watch-style prizes. These prizes are for things like playing a particular number of songs or keeping track of your daily listening habits. In addition, the app includes a useful Trending area that features your favorite music and performers.

PlayTally is an app that excels at a few tasks rather than cramming in extra features for no purpose. The sole restriction is that PlayTally can only begin collecting your statistics from the day you grant it access.

PlayTally is available for iOS ($1.99).


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