Car-Buying Apps: Only the Best!

Car-Buying Apps

When it’s time to buy a new car, you must decide on the best price for what you want, and how to pay. These top car-buying apps can help.

If you’re preparing to buy a car, there may seem to be an endless list of questions to answer. One of these car-buying apps may offer you the information you need. Here are the best car-buying apps for your iPhone or Android device.

1. Edmunds: Best One-Stop Shop Car-Buying App

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an old pro, you’ll have plenty of questions. The Edmunds automotive app can help you sort through new and not-so-new car pricing and reviews.

Reviews of vehicles – The Edmunds app is a great choice for a wide range of content. Automobile journalists review a wide range of vehicles. Each review covers the model’s benefits and drawbacks. In addition, the app features user reviews.

Finance calculators — Unsure whether to buy or lease? The Edmunds app’s payment calculator can show you how much each choice will cost.

Market Pricing — Edmunds Suggested Price is a pricing system that helps you determine the average transaction price for cars in your region. In addition, this approach might help you determine if you’re paying too much for your car.

Videos and Photos — Taking a closer look at a vehicle’s inside and appearance will help you decide. With the Edmunds app, you can see videos and photographs of every vehicle on your shortlist without having to go to the store.

2. Carvana: The Best App for Dealer-Purchased Secondhand Cars

Why the Carvana app is unique.

Buying a car without going to a dealership is easy with Carvana’s app. It has a seven-day return policy if you decide the used car isn’t for you. They deliver all cars for free if you live in one of their market areas.

Money-back guarantee – Buying a secondhand automobile online without seeing it in person or driving it is risky. That’s why Carvana offers a seven-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. Therefore, this allows you to obtain a complete refund or exchange it.

Track delivery – The Carvana app allows you to track and schedule deliveries.

Get a loan — Finding vehicle loans can take time. Therefore, the Carvana app streamlines the process. They do this by allowing you to search for a car and apply for finance all in one spot.

Recall data — In addition, the Carvana app notifies you if there are any recall notices on your vehicle.

Trade-in value – If you’re trading in a car, you’ll want to know how much it’s worth. The Carvana app can quickly assess the value of your trade-in.

3. Tred: The Best App To Help You Acquire a Used Automobile Privately

Why the Tred app is unique:

Buying a secondhand car from a private seller requires extra effort. Therefore, the Tred app stands out by streamlining the most tiresome components of private-party used-car purchasing.

Scheduling test drives – Once you’ve found a car you like, the Tred app makes it simple. The software can help you schedule a meeting.

Chat – Here you can ask the seller questions about a vehicle. In addition, Tred allows you to instantly chat with the seller within the app.

Offer – Once you’ve chosen a car, the Tred app allows you to make an offer to the seller.

Online payment – When you’re ready to pay for your purchase, the Tred app lets you pay using bank financing. Further, online payments include wire transfers, credit cards, ACH, and debit cards. Additionally, Tred can help you finance your purchase.

Furthermore, Tred offers free Carfax records. These will show if a used automobile has been in any accidents.

4. ISeeCars: One of the Best Car-Buying Apps for Used-Car Shoppers With Unique Needs

Why the ISeeCars app is unique:

You can save time by filtering your internet search for a secondhand car. The ISeeCars app (also known as Used Car Search Pro) offers 59 search filters to help you find the perfect car.

Search filters — The ISeeCars app has many search filters. Therefore, you may look for cars by transmission, towing capacity, mileage, and cargo capacity. In addition, you might even look for automobiles that are better for taller drivers.

Market pricing — Concerned about the price of a car you’re considering? The ISeeCars app will inform you if a car’s price is excessive or low in comparison to others.

Price alert – This app will notify you whenever a car’s price drops.

Dealer reviews — It’s not always easy to tell if an automobile dealership is reliable. This app rates the 40,000 used car dealers in its database. Dealers receive rankings on openness and customer service.

5. The Best Car-Buying App for On-Lot Comparisons

Why the app is unique:

You’ll be able to negotiate more confidently if you know how much a new or used automobile costs at local dealerships. The app allows you to scan window stickers for instant access to this data.

On-lot price comparison — Made easy with this app. It works by reading window-sticker bar codes that link to a car’s VIN number. After calculating a price, the app compares it to similar models at local dealerships.

Price alerts — Getting the best vehicle deals sometimes requires fast action. The app can give you a push notification if the price of a model you want goes down.

Reviews of vehicles – Before buying a car, the app connects you to 5 million driver reviews.

Loan payment calculator — Calculate your monthly payments if you finance your purchase.

This collection includes apps for both Android and iOS. They are available on the App Store and on Google Play. However, remember to set a budget before using one of the car-buying apps. In addition, examine your finances to determine your car budget. This can help you avoid a costly purchase. Furthermore, choosing a car-buying app that suits your needs can help you save money and time.

Image Credit: Antoni Shkraba; Pexels; Thank you!

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